It’s Smash Up time at the Wreck Room

Wreck Room Co-founders, Zack Teperman, bat ready, and Kyle Haman never stop reading up on how to better manage their anger at their store in the Outlets at Lake Elsinore.  Tony Ault photo
Wreck Room Co-founders, Zack Teperman, bat ready, and Kyle Haman never stop reading up on how to better manage their anger at their store in the Outlets at Lake Elsinore. Tony Ault photo

Ever get so angry or frustrated you just wanted to smash something up?

But, if you do, there will be consequences. Sometimes it’s cleaning up the mess or maybe even worse.

Zack Teperman and his business partner, U.S. Marine veteran Kyle Haman, have a solution to that anger problem. It’s all the fuss you want with no mess at the newly opened Wreck Room in the Outlets at Lake Elsinore located at 17600 Collier Ave., Suite A107 off Highway 15.

“There are a lot of angry people in our society today,” said Haman, who served in Iraq. “We have been busy here with people coming from all over.” The attraction is the opportunity for people with anger problems, frustrated with work, spouse, disagreeable family members and maybe just for the fun of it by smashing up dishes, bottles, plates, television monitors and all sorts of breakables with your weapon choice, hammer, ax, crowbar or baseball bat.

Dangerous? No. You wear a protective suit, face mask, knee pads, boots, chest protector, groin protector, gloves and other gear so no flying glass or metal parts spoil your fun. Once outfitted angry patrons enter into the “Wreck Room” with their weapon of choice. Upon entering the “Wreck Room” there sitting before you are the objects you really, really want to smash to pieces. They might even have a sticker you made and placed on them naming your object of anger, just to focus the anger and frustration you need to relieve.

The door closes. You are there and now you go at it. Glass shards fly, metal parts whiz by with every blow. Yell, scream, smash it up. Get it out!

“Sometimes, people when they are finished will cry or yell with relief,” said Teperman. Next door to the Wreck Room is the crying room where the relieved cry, yell and vent without embarrassment. No one will think the less of you.

Is the fun or experience all yours? Not, necessarily in the Wreck Room front office there is a television set, recorder and chairs where friendly friends or family members can watch you take out your emotions or maybe fulfill a bucket list item. A video of the clients wrecking experience will be made available for a fee.

“We have had all ages come to us, from ages 10 to 70,” said Teperman. “They can bring in their own objects if they wish, like a man with his ex-wife’s broken plate.”

He noted that they welcome “Girl’s night out,” bachelor parties, birthday parties and maybe father and son bonding days. He said they noticed more women were coming in than men.

“We are all about safety here,” Teperman said.

Before they client enters the Wreck Room they need to sign a “Wreck Room Waiver” as a release of liability and then carefully suit up with all the safety clothes and protective equipment.

“We don’t want anybody to get hurt,” Teperman said.

The items, like television sets and monitors, available for destruction are obtained from area recyclers, Haman explained.

“We go through all off them and remove any hazardous materials they might contain,” Haman said. “We take out anything hazardous.”

No liquids are allowed. The Wreck Room while accepting some donated recycled items will not accept older televisions because they contain many hazardous materials.

“We get a lot of stuff from recyclers,” said Teperman. “We break it up for them and give it back to them,” he mused.

He said one of the beauties of it all is that “we get rid of the mess.”

The co-founders of the Wreck Room see their unique business as another “extreme sport” like many others found in Lake Elsinore. They said they did not know of any other “Wreck Room” businesses in California and only one in China and the other in Australia.

“This is an experience you will never forget,” said Teperman.

Cost? The Wreck Room offers five packages ranging from $19.99 for five small items to wreck and five minutes in the room to $149.99 per person for 20 small items, eight large items and 25 minutes in the Wreck Room. All the necessary safety clothing and gear is included. Bring in your own Wreck Room approved items to wreck up (up to 8) and 10 minutes of wreck time for $24.99.

Haman a veteran of the United States Marine Corps said active or retired veterans will get extra items to smash up. The Wreck Room is a veteran owned business.

For more information see the Wreck Room website Wreck Room is open at varied hours every day except Wednesday.

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