Supervisor to recommend restrictions on overnight motel stays to curb prostitution

RIVERSIDE – Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone is expected tomorrow to discuss the possibility of a countywide ordinance intended to curb prostitution and other illegal activity by regulating to whom hotels and motels can rent rooms.

”Where property is devoted to the business of a hospitality establishment and is held out to the public as a place where transient persons will be received and entertained as guests for compensation, it is affected with a public interest and the business and use are subject to reasonable public regulation,” Stone wrote in a document posted to the Board of Supervisors’ agenda.

The board meeting is slated for 9 a.m. Tuesday at the County Administrative Center.

Stone is seeking fellow supervisors’ support in requesting that the Office of County Counsel study the implications of a ”Hospitality Ordinance” and how far the county can go in regulating private establishments.

Stone said in his proposal that escalating levels of ”human trafficking and prostitution in unincorporated areas of Riverside County” required a strong response to enable local authorities to curtail ”these types of undesirable activities.”

According to the supervisor, a new ordinance might include a prohibition against renting rooms by the hour and knowingly renting to prostitutes or their clients.

The proposal, if enacted, would only affect hotels, motels and other lodges in unincorporated communities.

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