Supervisors propose tougher penalties for marijuana growers

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors set a public hearing for Ordinance No. 449.247, an interim ordinance that is intended to clarify section 3.3 of Ordinance 348 of the county code prohibiting the cultivation of marijuana. A crowd of 20 residents from throughout the county came out to decry the move which proposes to have public safety resources enforce the law in respect to commercial growers and increases fines for those in violation of the county’s law regarding illegal growth of the drug.

Supervisor Jefferies said the current realities are that marijuana cultivation is illegal and that the ordinance is not intended to punish those with “a handful of plants in their backyard” for personal medical use.

“Under the current county regulations today, Riverside County does not authorize anyone at any time and place in the unincorporated communities to cultivate marijuana in any circumstance,” he said. “It is done through a process that basically states if it is illegal at the federal level it is illegal at the county level. What we are proposing is an attempt to have our public safety resources put to use on what I personally consider to be the more important issues facing our communities and our unincorporated communities

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  1. Preston   August 18, 2014 at 7:36 am

    There are obviously medical benefits to Marijuana however it should be handled like all other drugs. Get a prescription from a doctor that does not quack and purchase your medicine at the drug store. If you want to see what happens when the growers get out of hand just take a trip up to Nevada County, California. The number of adolescents hooked on pot is disgraceful.


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