Teens transformed into creepy creatures at Temecula Library

Teens turned into monsters, zombies and other creatures at the Temecula Library on the evening of July 7, but don’t be alarmed.  Their transformation was the result of special effects makeup and only temporary.

Makeup artists Brittany Kane and Amanda Travers visited the library as part of the Creature Feature 2014 Teen Summer Reading Program and gave a workshop on “Making the Monster.”

Kane discussed makeup artistry as a career and shared her educational background and job experiences. She also showed her portfolio and did demonstrations on some of the 22 teens who attended.  She was assisted by her friend and work partner Travers.

Kane, 28, is a former Wildomar resident and lives in Los Angeles now.  She’s employed at Universal Studios as a ride operator and freelances as a makeup artist in her spare time. She said it’s difficult to find full-time employment in makeup artistry.  

“I love it,” Kane told the teens.  “It’s the most fun you can have and people give you money for it.”  She typically earns $175 a day for about 12 hours of work when she gets a job.  She has worked on numerous YouTube parody music videos, two low budget feature films not yet released, a local commercial and Knott’s Scary Farm last year.  She’s going to work again at Knott’s this coming Halloween season turning actors into scary sights.

“I like to make people look nasty,” Kane said smiling.  Her specialty is scary creature special effects, which she demonstrated on teens randomly selected from the audience.

The first teen selected was James Fortney, 13.  Kane and Travers gave him the illusion of a third-degree burn on his arm using liquid latex, sheets of torn tissue and makeup.  Fortney enjoyed getting “burned” and was all smiles during the process.

Komari Johnson, 13, was excited when he was chosen next to get a bloody gash on his forehead.  “That sounds awesome,” he said.  He proudly showed off his gash afterwards.

 Towards the end of the two-and-a-half-hour evening workshop, Kane let the teens turn each other into zombies, monsters and other creatures with makeup she provided. Travers, 26, gave the teens pointers about applying the makeup. She works for MAC Cosmetics as her full-time job.

Isabella Collier, 11, didn’t waste time applying makeup to her tablemate Naomi Baker also 11.  “I’m going to give her a broken nose and like a gash on her forehead,” Collier said.

“I’m giving her a bruise,” Baker stated as she blended purple and blue cream makeup on Collier’s left cheek with a cosmetic sponge.  Both girls had fun and were laughing as they worked on each other at the same time.

“Wow, check it out,” Kane said when she saw Baker’s finished face.  “That looks nice.”

Before the workshop ended, Kane gave the teens wipes to remove the makeup.  “If you want to wear it home, just don’t blame me,” she joked.

Teen Services Librarian Dan Wood and Reference Librarian Devyn Reynolds took photos during the workshop to post on the library’s Facebook page for teens.

The workshop proved to be so popular that Wood said they might have to offer it again next year and invite Kane and Travers back.

For more information on makeup artistry or Kane, visit her website outerbeautybybk.wix.com/obbbk

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