Temecula re-launches program for young adults with special needs

The City of Temecula announced the re-launch of the fall session of the Global Citizens Viticulture/Hospitality Vocational Training Program on Tuesday. The program’s objective is to increase employment opportunities for individuals with special needs.

Attendees will be equipped to achieve independence through meaningful work, recreation and community involvement. Students will exit the program with a certificate in customer service, a food handler’s license card, knowledge in viticulture, and new and/or enhanced skills that will have prepared them for a job.

As the self-proclaimed heart of Southern California wine country, the city collaborated with Spero Vineyards to design the Global Citizens Viticulture/Hospitality Vocational Program. This specialized vocational program will teach basic computer skills, local vineyard history, hospitality, and customer service skills in addition to the agriculture that is a part of the wine making business.

“Among many of our programs, this is another great program we can be proud of. Our ultimate goal is to reach the business community, raise awareness and sensitivity towards the employment of people with disabilities; and identify jobs so that our youth can contribute and be productive members of society,” said Mike Naggar, a Temecula City Councilmember.

It is estimated that 80 percent of people with disabilities are unemployed; and of those with jobs, only 20 percent have full time employment. This is due, in part, to gaps in services and the lack of opportunities for inclusion and accommodations on the job.

Students will be performing their first field experience for the Fall Session at Spero Vineyards which will include harvesting, cutting, pruning, sorting, and cleaning grapes. For more information about the program, call (951) 693-3902.

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