Three arrests made in Decoy Shoulder Tap Operation

SAN JACINTO  – Three people were arrested today in San Jacinto on suspicion of furnishing alcoholic beverages to minors in a Decoy Shoulder Tap Operation, authorities said.
The operation was conducted at several businesses within the city, according to San Jacinto police Sgt. Robert Himmelberg.
A minor under the direct supervision of a peace officer stands outside a liquor or convenience store and asks adults to buy them liquor, Himmelberg said. The minor indicates they are underage and cannot themselves purchase alcohol.
Adults who agree to purchase alcohol for the minor are arrested and cited for furnishing alcohol to a minor, which carries a minimum $1,000 fine and 24 hours of community service, he said.

One Response to "Three arrests made in Decoy Shoulder Tap Operation"

  1. Justsayno   March 16, 2017 at 12:42 am

    Never ever agree to purchase alcohol, tobacco, or cigarettes for a minor or anyone else for that matter. Or you can prepay a bail bondsman, the huge fine, and have an attorney on retainer.

    I was approached by a decoy one night outside a gas station, and asked the young lady why she wasn’t able to purchase the cigarettes herself. She was in the car with a much older man that wasn’t her father. I thought it was very peculiar. She replied that she was only sixteen and she would give me the money. Then I gave her my speech about how cigarette smoking is deadly and I watched half of my family die from lung and liver cancers along with emphaszema. I told her if the much older gentlemen she was with was pressuring her to smoke, then she should not be around him because clearly he wasn’t concerned about his or her health.

    So yeah, your inner radar should go big red flag. Why neither of these two couldn’t purchase their own cigarettes or lighters was not my problem. And fortunately for me, I avoided a big $1,000 fine, and a criminal record by simply saying, “No way honey, I don’t buy cigarettes for myself or anyone because cigarettes kill people.” Call me a goody goody or whatever. I just wish the other people who got arrested that night had thought twice.


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