Training dogs helps to prevent bad behavior

Animal Friends of the Valleys

Special to Valley News

WILDOMAR – It is never an easy task to obey a destruction order from Riverside County Superior Court. Unfortunately, Animal Friends of the Valleys has recently received such an order for a dog that has now bitten two young children—one of whom is undergoing facial reconstruction surgery and may need more surgeries in the years to come to repair the damage that this dog has done to the child’s face.

This is a tragic reminder that all dogs have the capacity to be dangerous if not properly trained.

Here at Animal Friends of the Valleys, we encourage you to train your dogs—big or small—so that they can be the loyal and loving family members that we know they can be. In order to take every measure that we can to prevent any instances like this in the future, Animal Friends of the Valleys is in the process of planning free weekly workshops in our facility where members of our community can come to ask a trainer and behaviorist any questions that they may have about behavior training.

In the meantime, visit or  for more information about training your furry friends.

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