TVUSD Teachers notified of layoff risk

All Temecula Valley Unified School District employees at risk of being relocated or laid off were notified March 15. Down from a projected 54.6 certificated positions, TVUSD sent out 21 layoff notices as a result of the resolution decreasing particular kinds of services, according to Public Information Officer Laura Boss.

“We were able to achieve the 54.6 reductions in particular kinds of services by revisions to assignments and moving staff around,” she said.

Such reductions were due to bumping and criteria. The reduction in particular kinds of services are back filled by people with seniority and meeting other criteria moving around, so the end result was 21 layoffs. Some certificated employees were bumped back into other positions to make the reductions. Various changes in assignments occurred and may still occur depending on attrition and retirements, as the district is taking efforts to reduce the total number of layoffs. The District remains hopeful in reducing the 21 layoff notices further through retirements and other means of attrition.

At the School Board Meeting on March 7, the board motioned items on a PKS resolution. All items were approved including reducing the 3 Library Media Technicians to 1 districtwide librarian. Public commenter Donna Chamberlain expressed her concerns, “there is a direct correlation between reading scores and the presence of LMTs.” She raises the possibility of job sharing between high schools as an alternative to reducing the position. The issue remains that there will not be a site librarian at each high school.

Other affected employees include high school Special Day Class employees, K-5 Literacy Specialists and T-K Resource Specialists. According to Temecula Valley Educators Association President Jeff Kingsberg, “It appears the layoffs are split fairly evenly between elementary assignments and pecondary assignments. Areas hit in particular are middle school math teachers at the secondary level, and LCAP Personnel at the elementary level.”

Middle school language arts and math teachers are affected as well as 9-12th grade english, math and social science teachers. However, the primary employees affected on the Particular Kinds of Service reductions are the district’s specialists.

Operating under different legal notification timelines, there are no set number of classified employee layoffs at this time. Other personnel reductions in both classified and management that may be made are still in review. However, according to Boss, the District eliminated one director level management position and are reorganizing the associated department.

At this time no new negotiation items have been received, but both parties remain hopeful that discussions will resume regarding possible furlough/buy back days, limiting weekly elementary mandated Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings and staff meetings. TVEA asks for two rather than four weeks each month of PLC and one rather than two staff meetings per month. There would have been no monetary cost to the district.

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