Two arrested in connection with illegal marijuana growing business in Temecula

Gregory Seastrand is one of two men who were arrested in connection with a marijuana grow at a Temecula business, authorities announced.
Robert Campbell was arrested last week after authorities served a search warrant at an illegal marijuana business in Temecula.

Two Temecula men were arrested on suspicion of operating an illegal marijuana grow after officers executed a search warrant on a Temecula home, Nov. 2, police announced this week.

Gregory William Seastrand, 36, and Robert Gordon Campbell II, 40, were arrested at a home located in the 42100 block of Veneto Way.

Both men were booked into the Cois Byrd Detention Center on charges of illegally cultivating marijuana and possession of marijuana

According to a press release issued by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Temecula Police Department’s Special Enforcement Team (SET) received information regarding an indoor marijuana growing business operating illegally within the city of Temecula.

After their investigation, a search warrant was issued for the alleged business location in the 28700 block of Via Montezuma road and the single-family home on Veneto Way where evidence linking Seastrand and Campbell was found.

According to the press release, officers located numerous, “unpermitted modifications” to the business, including nearly two dozen air conditioning units recently installed on the roof, along with grow lights, interior walls and storage lights. More than 650 marijuana plants in various stages of growth were found and subsequently removed from the business.

A secondary illegal grow, operated by the men, was located during the investigation in the 42200 block of Roick, also in the city of Temecula. A search warrant for the location was issued and served Nov. 3.

Upon the execution of that warrant, officers located numerous unpermitted modifications to the business suite. More than five unpermitted air conditioning units had been recently installed along with grow lights, interior walls and water storage tanks. More than 150 marijuana plants in various stages of growth were located and removed from the the Roick location.

Seastrand, posted a $5,000 bail and was released from custody Nov. 2. Campbell, who was also charged with DUI, driving on a suspended license and giving a false identification to police officers, was released from custody Nov. 3 after posting $10,000 bail.

The city of Temecula currently prohibits any marijuana growing business as well as marijuana dispensaries from operating within the city limits.

Anyone with information related to the investigation should call the Temecula Police Department’s Special Enforcement team at (951) 696-3000.

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  1. jon   November 10, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    I am a little confused because it seems like this might have been some what legal maybe not with the city but with the state by them holding the proper seller permit and Articles of incorporation. Code violation at MOST. Improper use of police force.SHA EON YOU TEMECULA POLICE DEPARTMENT! WHY DON’T YOU GO AFTER THE MANY ILLEGAL MASSAGE PARLORS IN THE CITY THAT ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT LEGAL IN ANY WAY… BUT WAIT I AM SURE HALF THE CITY STAFF AND POLICE FORCE GO THERE ON A REGULAR TO GET THERE HAPPY ENDING!!!!!!!

  2. Ralph   November 15, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    ^^^^^Where are these massage parlors?


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