Two motorists arrested for drunken driving at Perris checkpoint

Two motorists were arrested for alleged drunken driving during an overnight sobriety checkpoint in Perris, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said today.

A total of 1,072 vehicles passed through the checkpoint deputies set up Friday night at Perris Boulevard and Commerce Drive. Of those vehicles, 150 were directed to another area of the checkpoint and eight drivers performed field sobriety tests, the department reported.

Two drivers did not pass their tests and were arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. Fourteen drivers were cited for driving without a license and 12 others were cited for operating a vehicle with a suspended license, sheriff’s officials said.

Eighteen vehicles were impounded and towed, according to the department.

One Response to "Two motorists arrested for drunken driving at Perris checkpoint"

  1. Sober Driving   February 8, 2014 at 4:04 pm

    They were arrested for DUI: DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE. Too many inebriated people get behind the wheel thinking they may be tipsy but not drunk. They think they are OK to drive and only drunk people get arrested until they find out they can and will be arrested for DUI. A proper headline conveys that if you drink and drive, even if you don’t feel inebriated, you may be under the influence. You don’t even have to blow an 0.08 to be arrested and found guilty. DON"T DRINK AND DRIVE.


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