Uemura wins six ribbons at SD county fair

Deborah Uemura won six ribbons for her preserved foods entries at the San Diego County Fair.

The Menifee resident received two second-place ribbons, a third-place award, and three honorable mention ribbons.

“I didn’t get the blue ribbons I’ve gotten before in the past, but I’m not going to complain,” Uemura said.

Uemura earned second place in the conserve class, which was in the other soft spreads division, with her cranberry conserve. Her Mexican sangria jelly won second place in the wine class of the jellies division.

In the canned vegetables division her green beans won third place in the other than listed category.

Uemura’s honorable mention ribbons were for her strawberry rhubarb pie filling in other than listed class of the miscellaneous division, her smoky roasted raspberry chipolte in the other than listed class of relishes and sauces, and her strawberry jalapeno jam in the mixed fruit, two or more class of the jams division.

“I was actually surprised when I went down there,” Uemura said.

The entry forms are submitted on-line in May, and the actual preserved food along with a recipe is submitted before the fair opens. The results of the judging are announced on the first day of the fair, which this year was June 7.

The judging results allowed Uemura to look for her awards when she attended the fair.  

“I’m like a kid in the candy store every year,” she said.

Uemura has lived in Menifee for approximately 25 years and is originally from eastern Tennessee. She is the oldest of ten children and began making and canning preserved foods when she was ten years old.

Uemura has been entering preserved foods in the San Diego County Fair since 2000.  

“I figured I’d start with that one,” she said.

“I think the San Diego County Fair is best,” Uemura said. “It’s got everything.”

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  1. Harold Daily   June 27, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    I have had many dinners with Deb and her husband. I’ve always praised her cooking and advised her to open a restaurant. She’s a very good cook. I love her cooking…."Keep up the good work Deb" !



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