VanderLans wins Steer Wrestling at Glennville

Jack VanderLans won the Steer Wrestling event at the Glennville Round-Up rodeo June 8.

The Temecula cowboy had a time of 5.4 seconds to win the $1,034 first-place money. VanderLans also made a Tie-Down Roping run of 9.9 seconds to split third and fourth place in that event.

“It was really great to do so well up there. It’s kind of a neat rodeo,” VanderLans said.

Glennville is a one-day rodeo.  

“The committee does a really good job,” VanderLans said. “Glennville’s a small community up in the hills.  It’s pretty neat that they found that much money.”

In addition to the added money provided by sponsors which complements the entry fee jackpot revenue, the winners of each event including VanderLans received a pair of Montana Silversmiths spurs. Glennville is approximately 30 miles northeast of Bakersfield and is accessible from State

Route 155.

VanderLans rode Bob when he was the Steer Wrestling competitor, Tuffy for Tie-Down Roping, and Leroy when he was the Steer Wrestling hazer who guides the steer for the bulldogger. VanderLans’ hazer at Glennville was Rhett Kennedy of Chowchilla, who rode Leroy, and Kennedy rode Bob when VanderLans hazed for Kennedy.

Kennedy had the second-place time of 8.6 seconds.

“That was pretty cool,” VanderLans said of Kennedy and himself having the top two Steer Wrestling times.

VanderLans made his run prior to Kennedy’s. “It was a good run,” he said.

“They bring in fresh steers up there,” VanderLans said. “When they’re fresh like that they’re a little more unpredictable.”

VanderLans also took arena considerations into account when planning his approach. “The arena’s real long,” he said.

“Worked out good. I kind of made a game plan and it all came together,” VanderLans said.

VanderLans had to turn his steer after he caught the bovine, and the inexperienced steer was a factor in that part of his strategy.  

“You had to be real gentle,” he said.

Kennedy opted for a longer time to ensure that he placed in the rodeo.

VanderLans and Texas cowboy Nathan Steinberg, who also had a Tie-Down Roping time of 9.9 seconds, each earned $554. “That was good. I’ve been having a little trouble in the calf roping,” VanderLans said. “It all worked out really well.”

VanderLans brought his wife, Tawnie, and his infant daughter, Lilly, to Glennville. The family departed Glennville for Sisters, Oregon, the site of one of the following week’s rodeos which also included Livermore, California, on the return trip for the VanderLans family.  

“I’m really fortunate they came with me,” VanderLans said.

Shannon Clawson of Anza placed in a professional rodeo for the first time in her Barrel Racing career; her time of 17.55 seconds gave her the fourth-place $641.55 check.

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