Victim refutes initial reports on crash and 25-acre fire on I-15

Passengers in a crash that closed lanes on the I-15 near Temescal Canyon Road Monday afternoon and burned 25-acres reported on social media sites their account of the accident.

Taryn Sleight reported on a public social media site, “So grateful that my family is ok! The reports on the 15 freeway accident and fire that took place in Corona today, September 1, 2014 at 2:03 p.m. are not accurate.”

Slieght went on to report her personal account of watching the accident unfold in front of her and her family while driving North on the I-15 near Temescal Canyon Road.

“My family was driving home from vacation in their F250 truck hauling a 35-foot travel trailer. Another car (whose driver she believes fell asleep at the wheel) came from the left (fast lane) across all four lanes and clipped the back of the trailer causing it to jackknife and eventually flip on its side. The vehicle at fault continued off the freeway, over the embankment and caught fire. The truck/trailer never caused the fire nor caught fire. The man at fault walked away unharmed but over an hour later passed out (likely from shock of the situation and damaged he caused) and was taken to the hospital. The driver of the truck (my brother-in-law) and other three passengers (my parents and sister) are doing fine and have not needed medical treatment. I hope this information and the pictures I’ve included help to clear the misleading facts on the report.”

Authorities have not made an official statement on the cause of the accident or who was to blame at time of this report.

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