Vista Murrieta football player Tre Holmes remains in detention charged with multiple felony sex crimes


Vista Murrieta student Kishawn Tre Holmes thrived under the attention and spotlight as a star football player and potential college recruit. Holmes is still getting the attention and spotlight, only now it’s for what he is alleged to have done off the field.

Holmes is charged with raping two different girls through the use of force or fear, performing lewd acts on a third girl under the age of 14, trying to dissuade one of his alleged rape victims from speaking to authorities, and three counts of false imprisonment involving three other girls.

Emotions ran high as Holmes appeared in Riverside County juvenile court for a detention hearing on Tuesday, September 17. Tuesday’s detention hearing was open to the public and media showed up in force: Channel 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 11 were represented as well as local media. The hearing was quickly closed by the judge at the request of the victims’ families for confidentiality reasons. There were six victims.

According to John Hall, Senior Public Information Specialist with the District Attorney’s office, “The judge ordered him [Holmes] to remain in juvenile detention until his next court appearance on October 30th.”

Outside the courthouse, families of the victims declined to speak to media, but friends of Holmes were more than willing to talk.

Brandon Rogers, 18, graduated from Vista Murrieta last year and played on the football team with Holmes. “This was shocking, came out of nowhere. Kishawn’s a football star, could pretty much go to any school he wants to. I haven’t talked to him since Wednesday and we talk pretty much everyday. We thought this was an open-and-shut case . . . now even if everything works out in his favor, his name is already bad. How’s he supposed to focus on school?”

Another ex-teammate, AJ Williams, 18, said, “He’s a great football player. None of this is true. If you know the types of girls out here; they target him because he’s a star football player. They’re mad because Kishawn was not giving them the attention.”

Michael Crawford, 18, admitted to being on the fence about the case. “I cannot lie; I didn’t know who did what and I came here, not as a supporter, but to find out the truth. Kishawn and Byron are my friends and if I had to say, I would have to say I don’t believe they (the allegations) are true. They’re innocent.”

At that point, a father of one of the victims passing by the interview angrily exploded. “Do you have a daughter?” he screamed as family members were restraining him. Sheriff’s deputies quickly escorted the family out as media surrounded them following them through the parking lot. “They should lock him up,” exclaimed the girl’s mother, “and throw away the key!”

The 5’8”, 180 pound all-purpose running back had shown great promise. Holmes transferred to Vista Murrieta from Hemet West Valley where he gained 1275 yards on 132 carries as a sophomore. In his junior year at Vista Murrieta, Holmes rushed for over 1200 yards and eleven touchdowns on 129 carries, helping his team to the CIF Championship game. Holmes was a California Preseason Top 100 recruit (three star). According to ESPN Recruiting Nation Football, he had one offer from Oklahoma State (spring 2013). Holmes had been talking with UCLA, San Jose State, Washington, SDSU, Colorado and Texas, among others.

Recruiting sites show interest from many schools has cooled dramatically. Holmes has been removed from the Vista Murrieta football roster ( and his game video and stats (hudl) have been taken down. The attention and spotlight on him as a football star has waned as the attention and spotlight on him as an alleged sex offender has grown.

“Our standard with this and all cases is that we’re not going to file charges unless we believe them to be true and we believe the person is guilty,” said Hall, “All the evidence we have, evidence gathered by the Murrieta Police Department, leads us to believe we have enough to convict in adult court or juvenile court.” Hall said the judge has yet to rule on whether Holmes will be tried as an adult. This could be determined at the October 30th hearing and if this hearing was any indication, the media attention and spotlight will be there, too.

6 Responses to "Vista Murrieta football player Tre Holmes remains in detention charged with multiple felony sex crimes"

  1. Route 66   September 21, 2013 at 4:12 am

    There it is: young kids quickly influenced by lifestyles of overpaid sports star;, media circus -like coverage of music pop stars, twerking and the misogynistic hedonism of hip hop genre, etc.

    Where did all the money come from? "Hey, it’s just business," is the term the older generation use to rationalize and absolve themselves of responsibilty and accountability. Like rabid Gun Rights advocates who claim " it’s the person-not the gun" ( have you watched the YouTube videoof the Clint Eastwood wanna-be PA Chief of Police shooting off his mouth spewing his hate rhetoric for ‘libtards’ while shooting off a 100rd drum of 7.62 from his full-auto Soviet-made assault rifle? ) and then there’s the Zombie-Parroting worshipers of the Bill O’Reilly demagogueswho believe it when he says the youth of today are disenfranchised from society – which society Bill? -the very one that developed the Atomic Bomb and trained kids to hide under their tiny tin and wooden schooldesks in the event of the start of Mutually Assured (Global) Destruction?!

    And, how many lies have been told and true criminals defended in courtrooms in testimony, upon "swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth…," and attorneys knowing the truth but who must defend their client with quippy catch phrases such as, "If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit! " Makes for millions of dollars court costs to the public, and great TV, doesn’t it?

    So, somewhere in all this, is the truth of those sexual encounters, that may never come out. Are we truly a blessed county in all our excess, rigjts and freedoms? Girls – I say y’all get Gloria Allred, and the young male get the OJ DreamTeam – give them AK47s-and let’em go tactical in Gregory Canyon ! Now that’s great IDEA for a new REALITY TV show ( Hey Network BigWigs, I own the Intellectual Property Right$ !).

    LMFAO – Tweet, Tumbler, or Like Me on FB.

  2. Smallshop   September 22, 2013 at 9:34 am

    Hard to tell right from wrong for young folks nowadays. I’m pretty sure twerking and tattoos isn’t the way. I’m also pretty sure everyone think’s they have to voice there opinion on everything, because the media says so. A little respect for yourself and others would go a long way, has no one got a sense of privacy in anything. Perhaps a little modesty and restraint on the part of our young people might lead them back to a better place. Everyone’s taken the shock factor to to such lengths to get attention, there all the same, trying to be different. How do these kind of things happen in high school ? Well you have to ask yourself, what king of signals are we as adult sending these not completely developed minds.

  3. Route 66   September 22, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    The same old folks today, that say the young folk today have difficulty in making right choice s..were smoking doobies, growin up with Cheech n Chong, and protesting Vietnam 45 years ago…and they had their own old people criticizing them…

  4. N na Scent   October 1, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    There is only one verdict here. Kids vs Kids. This should not be in the public’s eye. Somebody did not get attention or was dis invited to the party. Yesterday fada is now crying foul.

  5. Smk   October 5, 2013 at 8:34 am

    Who cares about how many yards he has gained and recruiting possibilities. That’s all over and done with. Now, you will be put through real life consiquinces. Your no longer a big "star". Now, you face the justice system. May the truth come out and justice be done.

  6. Route 66   October 7, 2013 at 12:43 am

    In memory of "The Juice," Im sure his Legal Dream Team will turn a phrase: ".. if the cond*m don’t fit, you must acquit..!"

    We have a Legal System in this country…but….it is rarely a Justice System.


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