Water district reduces strain on local water supply

Starting in July, several businesses within the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD) service area began using recycled water to irrigate their lawns, landscapes and fields in an effort to reduce a strain on the local water supply.

EVMWD built a network of recycled water pipes within the last few years, and these have been colored purple for easy identification throughout Wildomar and Southern Lake Elsinore.

As the demand for water grows and the water supplies dwindle, EVMWD had the foresight to install the pipelines with the understanding that once a sufficient supply of recycled water was available, the needs of these areas would be fulfilled. Prior to now, the pipelines have supplied potable water as a substitute in place of the recycled water.

Greg Morrison with EVMWD said some of the recipients of this beneficial water source include the Lake Elsinore Unified School District, the Wildomar Cemetery District, and the City of Wildomar.

“This is a new first for businesses in Wildomar,” Morrison said.

Recycled water is sewer water sent from homes and businesses through pipelines to a treatment facility where it is cleaned and ensured safe to return to the environment.

Recycled water offers great value and benefits, while maintaining high health and safety standards for our community. It helps offset future dry spells while shoring up the reliability of our overall water supply, keeping water rates reasonable.

“Expanding our use of recycled water to more of our local businesses allows them to have a health and safety conscious choice to irrigate their landscapes without tapping into our precious drinking water supply,” said Andy Morris, EVMWD Board President.

EVMWD’s highly treated recycled water has been approved by the federal government to be used for non-drinking purposes and has been used throughout the EVMWD service area for irrigation and as a supplemental supply for Lake Elsinore for more than two decades. Recycled water irrigation within the EVMWD service area is permissible at select approved irrigation sites at times when the public is not expected to be present.

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