County transportation projects awarded state funds

RIVERSIDE – Projects aimed at improving infrastructure and making public transportation greener in Riverside County are slated for more than $5 million in funds from the California Transportation Commission, state officials
announced Friday, Jan. 20.

The CTC will allocate money from the State Highway Operation and Protection Program, as well as the State Transportation Improvement Program, to benefit projects in the Coachella Valley, Jurupa Valley, San Jacinto, Temecula and Wildomar.

“Caltrans is working to ensure every dollar counts when it comes to California’s transportation infrastructure,” Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty said. “Although we must not forget that our state highway system’s needs still exceed what resources are currently available, all these investments will benefit Californians now and for decades to come.”

More than $127 million will be distributed to entities throughout the state, according to Dougherty.

The largest share earmarked for Riverside County will be a $2.44 million allotment to purchase four “zero emission” buses for the SunLine Transit Agency in the Coachella Valley.

Another $1.36 million will go to install vehicle pullouts, new guard rails, as well as improve guard rails, gore points and freeway access roads between Temecula and the San Diego County line.

The city of Wildomar will receive $1.22 million for improvements along Grand Avenue, while Jurupa Valley is set to get about $4,000 for curb and gutter repairs, and San Jacinto has been awarded $10,000 to add bike lanes and
pedestrian ramps.

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