Young scientists experiment with color at Pennypickle’s Workshop

Have you ever explored Professor Pennypickle’s extraordinarily unique home?

Located in Old Town Temecula, Pennypickle’s Workshop is a children’s museum, but also distinctively different from your typical look-but-don’t-touch museums.

“Pennypickle’s Workshop is interactive children’s science; everything in the museum is hands on. The thing that sets us apart is that we have a theme – this is Professor Pennypickle’s home,” said Christina Pruitt, events coordinator for the museum. “He’s a crazy, wacky inventor, and they get to explore his dining room, his library; things like that. Every room has a theme, and the kids are exploring that theme, and they’re learning more about Professor Pennypickle himself.”

Fridays are special themed event nights here at Pennypickle’s. On Aug. 15 the theme of the evening was color. The kids took first took part in a Disperse Images scavenger hunt, with questions such as “why is the sky blue?” and “what colors can be seen in the rainbow?” which they then had to find the answers to scattered throughout the workshop.

The main events of the evening, however, were the experiments that the children got to partake in. Heaps of Rainbow Slime and Exploding Milk were being concocted by these little scientists, who were gathered in the dining “room”

To devise said Rainbow Slime, one must gather up cold water, glue, food coloring, hot water and borax. What causes the reaction is when a fluid becomes stressed, it causes a gradual deformity, which then leads it to become a semi-solid. The result is a fun, putty like substance that kids can mold and shape together.

For the Exploding Milk formula, all you need is milk, dish soap, food coloring, tooth picks, baking soda and vinegar. Because the milk has stable solutions, and dish soap has bipolar characteristics, the combination of the two it causes the milk’s fats and proteins to weaken, thus creating a neat reaction with added color effects.

“We get the experiments from scientist Steve Spangler’s website, and we also come up with our own ideas at our meetings,” staff member Drew Lesnick said.

It wasn’t just kids that were having fun at the event. Parents rejoiced at the opportunity to have their children learn in a fun and inexpensive way.

“Every time they come to Grandma’s house this is exactly what they want to do,” said Kathleen Puccio, grandmother of Robert and Andrew Nagby.

What’s in store next for Pennypickle’s Workshop? On August 22, the workshop will be hosting “Dr. Who Revisited,” a Dr. Who themed event where kids – and the kids at heart – can explore how Dr. Who’s vehicle manages to travel through space and time.

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