LeAnn Rimes, ‘It’s going to be an exceptional experience,’ organizer says

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Courtesy photo

Concert goers at this weekend’s LeAnn Rimes concert at Galway Downs can expect an “exceptional experience,” organizers said.

Tickets are still available for the concert, the second in the ongoing “Country at the Downs” concert series.

Galway Downs Owner Ken Smith gives all of the credit for choosing LeAnn Rimes as the second performer in the “Country at the Downs” concert series to Jon Dellaria, who negotiated the deal.

“I don’t have the background in the industry of music so I have to count on people like Jon,” he said. “I would like to take credit for it but the truth of the matter is that Jon is the one who pulled that off.”

Smith said he and his entire staff are excited to have Rimes playing at the Downs.

“We are really happy to have someone like LeAnn Rimes with her experience and capability coming to Galway is exciting,” Smith said.

An internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter, Rimes is expected to perform her newest #1 hit dance single “LovE is LovE is LovE” and many other fan favorites.

“Galway Downs is a very unique place especially in the village where the amphitheater is and it’s a very intimate setting,” Smith said. “Then you add someone like LeAnn Rimes to perform and entertain folks and frankly, it’s very exciting.”

Rimes said she had some ideas as to what she wanted to say on her latest album, “Remnants,” but she knew she wanted to experiment with “different grooves” that she loves such as drums.

“I went in and just allowed it to happen and what came out was just amazing and at the end you are just stepping back and going ‘Woah! That just happened! We just created that,’ and you know there is such love on the record,” she said.

Rimes said if there is one thing she wants to do, it’s push the boundaries for herself, something that fans can expect to see at her concert this weekend.

“I know that music is always going to be a part of my life so how can I, as an evolving being, just push my limits because I feel like I can do pretty much anything with my voice and I want to be able to experiment that way,” she explained. “A lot of times in our society everybody wants to put somebody in a box and you know, they know what they are getting when the album comes out. It goes far beyond records, but I think that’s always been what’s so great about my music and who I am as a person willing to take the risks, creating something different every time.”

Smith said he was pleased with the outcome of the August Clay Walker concert, the first in the “Country at the Downs” series.

“I am really excited about what LeAnn Rimes is going to do,” he said. “For me it’s really exciting, to see this kind of talent at the Downs. It makes for an exceptional experience.”

Concert goers can expect beautiful weather as well as plethora of activities during the concert, Smith said.

“We will have food, drinks and great entertainment,” he said. “It’s going to be an exceptional experience. It’s all about this moment in time that you can have in life.”

Don’t miss Rimes in her “One Night Only” performance at Galway Downs Sunday, Sept. 17. Doors open at 5 p.m. with the concert beginning at 6 p.m.

To purchase tickets, visit www.cegseats.com.

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