Wildomar Friends of the Mission Trail Library to hold meeting critical to mission

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Art Barela photo
Art Barela photo

The Friends of the Mission Trail Library will be hosting an open meeting Monday, Jan. 23, to discuss matters critical to their ongoing support for the library. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the library’s large meeting room and will be open to the public. The group is encouraging everyone who supports the library to please attend.

This all-volunteer, nonprofit organization has been a constant driving force in the continued life and success of the little community library since it first opened. The Wildomar Public Library has been proudly serving the community for the past 16 years. Back then the library was originally named the Mission Trail Library, as it provided for the bridge communities between Lake Elsinore and Wildomar. Following the city’s incorporation in 2008, the library was taken under the wings of the City of Wildomar, and as such, was eventually aptly renamed the Wildomar Public Library.

Art Barela photo
Art Barela photo

The Friends of the Mission Trail Library’ organization since it’s formation has been a small and modest group of dedicated individuals devoted to providing the necessary support to the library and all the good that it does for the community. From summer reading and literacy programs for children, to computer learning programs for seniors, to the used bookstore, the library has been a great source of extended learning for the community. The library provides a strong branch of supplemental learning resources to at least eight local area schools. The ‘Friends’ organization helps the library to secure much needed resources and funding for the various special programs that it offers. The current board members for the group have been serving the organization since it’s inception and they are in dire need of fresh faces and new ideas to help the organization thrive as a sustaining life-blood for the library.

Art Barela photo
Art Barela photo

Several members of the Wildomar City Council have been invited to attend the meeting to help throw their incredible support behind the organization and its efforts to recruit new members. Mayor Bridgette Moore, along with Council Members Dustin Nigg, Tim Walker, Ben Benoit and Marsha Swanson all have been invited to attend this special meeting. The library desperately needs the continued support of an active, enthusiastic and grateful community in order keep its extended education and learning programs available for everyone. ‘The Friends of the Mission Trail Library’ is asking for the public’s support on the forefront by simply becoming a member who can bring new and fresh ideas to the organization.

For more information regarding the Wildomar Public Library, The Friends of the Mission Trail Library and/or all other public services, visit www.facebook.com/friendsofmissiontraillibrary/ or www.cityofwildomar.org, or call: (951) 369-3003


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  1. Kenny Mayes   January 23, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    This evening’s meeting was quite the success. In attendance were the distinguished Wildomar Mayor Timothy Walker, the ever busy Councilwoman Bridgette Moore. Planning Commissioner Veronica Langworthy, several lifetime members of the Friends along with many newcomers, who signed up to be members.
    The meeting was led off with a presentation given by “Friends of the Mission Trail Library” Secretary Darrell Ruff, Book Store Manager Mary Ruff and Board President Sandra Eytchitson who explained what the “Friends” do for the Wildomar Library and why tonight’s meeting was so important.
    Also present to offer information about the “Friends” was Melina Velazquez, Branch Manager of Wildomar Library and her boss Sylvia Weck, Zone Manager for Library Systems & Services.
    With elections coming up in May for at least 3 positions on the board it is important to get new members that are somewhat younger than the current board, which has an average age of 78 years.
    These new members are needed to help the “Friends” by bringing new ideas and vigor to this important organization.


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