Without action, El Niño won’t solve the drought

Marie Waldron Special to the Valley News We’ve all seen reports predicting a wet winter with a strong El Niño, though it’s still unlikely that the end of the drought may be at hand. Unfortunately, massive rains in Southern California may not add to the Sierra snowpack, California’s main water supply.  And the lack of necessary […]

Immigration solution, a 4-legged stool

Our nation’s problem with illegal immigration can be compared to a four-legged stool. If one of those legs is cut off or wobbly, it isn’t going to stand, at least for very long. While some of our presidential candidates have addressed two or three of those legs, unfortunately none has addressed all four. I’m waiting! […]

Republican’s face off in debate, some performances lackluster

Well folks, here it is, I am outing myself as a Republican and while I know that not everyone will agree with my political views, I felt compelled to write this week’s editorial on the Republican debate held on Wednesday, Sept. 16. While I am not a political commentator by any sense of the imagination, […]

Some good news from Sacramento

Marie Waldron Special to Valley News Your legislature was able to do some positive work for the taxpayers this session. For starters a number of tax hike proposals were blocked, including $1 billion in new gas taxes, $2 billion from a $65 per-vehicle `highway-user fee’ and $1.8 billion from new taxes on managed health care […]

Knee Deep in the Hoopla: Was there life before smartphones?

Knee Deep in the Hoopla: Was there life before smartphones?

So I’m sitting in the dermatologist office in Murrieta recently waiting to get checked out and watching a heated debate in the California State Senate in Sacramento in high-definition on my iPhone. It suddenly dawned on me that a year ago I didn’t have my current job, a smartphone, or that funky looking growth on […]


Dear Editor, Congratulations to the City of Temecula for not hosting the Susan G. Komen event this year. In my opinion, the organization has gotten off track from doing what many of us would consider to be acceptable behavior for a charity. The more than $670,000 that was raised at the event in Temecula last […]

Being a part of something bigger than myself

It’s not often that I carve 13 hours out of my day to cover an event, but the Silkies Hike 22 with 22 for 22 held on Saturday, Sept. 12, a group of about 80 Marines, sailors and soldiers, along with their families inspired me to do just that. I went to the duck pond […]

Before you cast your first stone at Davis

The PC police, who seem hell-bent on forcing all people to accept gay marriage after the controversial Supreme Court Obergefell decision, suffered a setback when activist federal judge David Bunning released Kim Davis from a Kentucky jail. Davis, a county clerk, spent five days behind bars after refusing to have marriage licenses to same-sex couples go […]

Recalling the days following the Sept. 11 attacks

Fourteen years have gone by, but it seems like just the other day I watched the horror unfold live on CNN. The events of Sept. 11, 2001 continue to impact the lives of not just Americans, but people around the globe. I am honored this week to be a speaker at a ceremony at The […]

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