Melendez speaks out on upcoming ballot measures

LAKE ELSINORE – This past weekend State Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez took to social media and her website,, offering up her opinions on the upcoming elections and the measures that will appear on this year’s ballot. “If nothing else, VOTE NO on Jerry Brown’s PROP 57 – which would make the sexual assault of an unconscious […]

Prop 64 opens the door to more problems for Californians

This year there are a slew of ballot measures for Californians to consider come the November elections. Perhaps one of the most talked about is the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative otherwise known as, Prop 64. According to an article recently published in the International Business Times, 58 percent of Californians polled support the measure that would […]

The ‘Public Option’ is just single-payer on the installment plan

Sally Pipes Special to Valley News Obamacare’s government-run insurance markets are collapsing. Insurers are losing millions of dollars — and proposing double-digit premium hikes combined with high deductibles to try to stanch the bleeding. It’s no wonder that exchange enrollment is roughly half what the Congressional Budget Office predicted, 11.1 million instead of 21 million. […]

When your birthday falls on a tragedy

In December 2005, I was visiting my friend Robin, who lives in Las Vegas and whose daughter was seven at the time. Robin asked me about my next planned trip, and that involved visiting San Francisco for the 100th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. I had learned about the annual ceremony, which included some of the remaining […]

What makes America great already?

Bill Freeman Special to Valley News Yakov Smirnoff, the comic from Russia who came to the U.S. and hit it big in the 80’s, had a famous phrase: “America! What a country!” Yakov Smirnoff talked about going to the grocery store where he saw, “Powdered eggs, powdered milk, baby powder.” America! What a country! America […]

School allows for privacy violation

This week we were notified by concerned parents that a nine-year-old boy walked into the boys’ bathroom at his Clovis Unified School District elementary school and upon entering found a girl squatting/hovering over the urinal. This young boy was both disturbed and confused. Why was a girl in the boys’ bathroom? Why was she using a […]

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