A trip through time takes us back to September 1995

Our monthly sojourn through time takes us back two decades for a look at the stories making news in Southwest Riverside County. September 1995 began with members of the Temecula City Council heaping praise on Zev Buffman as they unanimously passed the last major approval needed for the developer’s long-debated Western Entertainment Project. The financing […]

Odds and Ends from the news this week

It’s not often that I am at a loss for words, but this week, that is exactly where I find myself as I struggle to determine what to focus this editorial on and since I can’t seem to narrow it down to just one item of news, here are some odds and ends on important […]

Article ‘obviously biased in favor of Planned Parenthood’

Dear Editor, The article by Tim O’Leary was obviously biased in favor of Planned Parenthood. He says “The videos show abortion providers discussing the use of aborted fetuses for research…” Not true. Has he seen the videos? The five videos that have been revealed so far show Planned Parenthood doctors and staff discussing selling baby […]

Your tax dollars at work

Assemblywoman Marie Waldron Special to Valley News Recent reports regarding Planned Parenthood that appear to show officials and employees of that organization trafficking in human tissues have ignited a firestorm of controversy across the United States. Since Planned Parenthood receives public funding, a review of how taxpayer dollars are being spent is in order. Several […]

An ordinary table and extraordinary day

Our tour guide called it his favorite story and he had bunch of them to tell. It was my favorite too. Seventy years ago, on the morning of Sept. 2, 1945,  hundreds of warships gathered in Tokyo Bay for the signing of surrender documents ending the war with Japan and officially bringing World War II […]

Schools gain more budget flexibility

Assemblywoman Marie Waldron Special to Valley News In 2014 voters passed Proposition 2, a measure creating a “rainy day fund” to provide a financial reserve that would help stabilize state finances and avoid future multi-billion dollar deficits that plagued California in recent years. The proposition had wide, bipartisan support and was widely hailed as a […]

It’s ‘Taxnado’ season in Sacramento

Senator Jeff Stone Special to Valley News Since returning from summer recess in mid-August it has been Taxnado season here in Sacramento with proposals from Democrats to raise taxes on hard working California families spinning faster than a Category 4 twister crossing the Great Plains. Newspaper editorials and many of my constituents have asked how […]

If a tree falls in Temecula

So the question is, if a tree falls in Temecula, and only the ghosts of the cowboys of the old Vail Ranch are around, does it make a sound? More than a few local historians may be pondering that this month after a Mulberry tree, believed to be at least 150 years old, toppled on […]

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