Reflecting on our many blessings

In this season of Thanksgiving, we Americans have a great deal to be thankful for.  God’s blessings and gifts are all around us, even when we may not notice them. Our nation is founded on the rule of law, with checks and balances that guarantee our God-given freedoms are protected. Our peaceful elections and lawful […]

The results are in!

Thanks to my wonderful district, I am honored to have been re-elected to continue to serve as your voice in Sacramento. While the Nov. 8 general election will be bringing a new direction and lots of new faces to Washington, DC, to governors’ mansions and to legislatures across the nation, in many ways California is […]

Letter to the Editor: Voting

Dear Editor, My name is Keyona Villanueva. I am a student attending Chaparral high school. I am a senior and I am writing this for a government project. Your article stood out to me. I find it very hard to understand that in this time and age we have a very weak technology system. For […]

Letter to the Editor: Election

  Dear Editor, The challenge for some will be to focus, stay on point, not wander into the Contra affair, Reganomics, Trump called some folks names that are unattractive, etc., etc. So if we could please just focus on this one subject, then a response is welcome. Here we go. What would your thoughts be […]

Supervisor Jeffries praises passage of Prop 54 Legislative Transparency Act

RIVERSIDE – On election night, Riverside County Supervisor Kevin Jeffries (1st District) celebrated the passage of Proposition 54, which will prohibit the Legislature from passing any bill unless published on the internet for 72 hours before vote. “This is a great victory for residents throughout California, and a perfect example of why the initiative process is […]

Preventing drug addiction and abuse

We can all agree about the importance of keeping kids away from illegal drugs.  During October, I again participated in Red Ribbon Week, a campaign that seeks to mobilize communities and to educate millions of children nationwide about the dangers posed by illicit drug use.  Since the Red Ribbon campaign began in the late 1980s, […]

Measure ‘V’ passes, brings funding to improve Lake Elsinore schools

Lake Elsinore Unified School District Special to Valley News LAKE ELSINORE – In a solid victory for local schools and present and future students, voters overwhelmingly said ‘yes” to a $105 million school bond to implement cutting-edge technology and repair our local schools to support student college and career success. On Nov. 8, Measure ‘V’ […]

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