Believing in miracles


So many of us are facing adversity of one kind or another. Whatever it may be, consider yourself not alone. It’s important to look beyond the problem, step back and try to visualize a solution. Sometimes when we remove ourselves from the actual problem it can make it easier to think about. For those who believe in miracles actually see miracles happen before their eyes. It may be small, but nevertheless, it’s a miracle. The smallest blessings can make the biggest impact.

If we stop and look around each day, you’ll see miracles all around you. Many of us are hoping and praying for certain changes in our lives. Health issues, job loss, relationships that didn’t work out, or any number of things that have gone wrong. With faith and patience, we will see our miracles take place.

Staying positive in a negative situation can make all the difference in the world. Open up your mind to receive only good things that will come your way. Don’t accept anything in your life that isn’t uplifting and good. After awhile, you’ll begin to notice the change that takes place. When you believe in yourself, you’ll see new doors of opportunity open up for you. Take the steps to enter through those welcoming doors.

Just believe and have faith in the impossible, and the possibilities will be endless. You never know when a miracle will come your way. Cheers to miracles!


Brenda McBride


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