Have ‘dreamers’ help secure the border

Now that former President Barack Obama’s un-Constitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA is coming to an end as per the campaign promise of President Donald Trump, Congress now has this hot potato and must commit to securing our national borders and defending America’s sovereignty.

In an institution that is clearly lacking in any wisdom whatsoever, what we need Congress to demonstrate is some wisdom worthy of King Solomon. Perhaps the best solution would be to pass a bill that grants the so-called “dreamers” a form of amnesty in exchange for a three-year contract of public service building the wall to secure our country against the illegal immigrants, criminals and heroin traffickers causing so much disruption among our society.

This program could be fashioned after the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps and should be called “The Wall Builders.” After three years of service building the wall, a “dreamer” could then be granted amnesty with an option for citizenship after 15 years with a clean record. This idea would be a win-win result. After the wall is built and the “dreamers” granted legal status, this program could be eliminated as having served its purpose.

King Solomon would surely approve.

Rick Reiss

Temecula, California

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