Easter celebrations

Around the corner comes the celebration of Easter. A very special day of when Christ has risen. The tradition of honoring Christ on Easter Sunday is huge for most of us. Spending time with our family, having quality time together, makes any holiday well worth it. Light up a memory candle for those loved ones who are no longer here with us. They will feel your love and appreciation. My father has been gone now for almost three years. Our family celebrations are not the same since my wonderful father has passed. We do continue to celebrate each holiday in the best way possible. It is difficult in many ways. If you’ve lost a loved one and are struggling, please realize it does get better. I can now look at my dad’s photos without falling apart. However, I am still having difficulty on the holidays. All we can do is push forward and be patient with ourselves. We can also celebrate our loved ones’ memory! That has helped me tremendously. Our loved ones have really never truly left us. They’ve just transitioned into another dimension. One that is very much a part of us. So, let’s celebrate for them and make it a point to have them be a part of your day. Another reason to celebrate! Life is full of celebrations with gratitude for each day. Cheers to each celebration, as you cherish each new day.


Brenda McBride


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