Heads up Senate Bill 1 will cost you more than 12 cents a gallon

Jonathan Ingram

Special to Valley News

Governor Jerry Brown and his democratic legislature’s bill, Senate Bill 1, imposes $52.4 billion in taxes and fees that will steal from the pockets of California’s working class. It allegedly “only” adds 12 cents a gallon in state gasoline taxes, but that is an outright lie.

The Board of Equalization is the agency that oversees and adjusts tax and fee collection across the state based on projections of consumption and gas prices. Brown has taken power from those Californians elected as our Board of Equalization representatives and is currently installing hand-picked cronies to establish total control over the tax infrastructure of the state.

The real total amount in excise taxes will be 41.7 cents per gallon by November 1. Add the other fees that will follow, and the rate shoots up to 47.3 cents a gallon by July 2019. There are other taxes and fees too. The underground storage tank fee comes to 2 cents per gallon, and California’s 2.25 percent sales tax fluctuates according to the price of gasoline. That’s 9 cents a gallon at current prices. Add all the taxes and fees together, and you begin to see the real figures Brown is imposing on the backs of hard-working Californians.

An increase of 47.3 cents in primary and secondary excise taxes, two cents on the underground storage tank fee and nine cents on the sales tax as per the Tax Foundation estimate adds up to an actual total of 58.3 cents per gallon.

But wait. There’s more. Add the federal tax 18.4 cents a gallon.

We pay 76.7 cents per gallon with federal taxes. And don’t forget diesel drivers. Your cost goes up 20 cents a gallon with a 5.75 percent increase.

SB 1 also includes a number of other tax increases and fees. In January, registration fees go up to $25 for cars valued at less than $5,000 and up to $175 on those vehicles worth $60,000 or more. Buyers of zero-emission vehicles will pay $100 each year.

You will pay about $280 a year in state gas taxes and fees, using the 58.3 cents-per-gallon figure. That’s almost three times more than the $100 fee for zero-emissions vehicles, and don’t forget California pays an average 67 cents more than the national average per gallon due in part to our requirements for cleaner-burning gasoline. It reduces smog, but it is more expensive to refine and costs 8 percent higher in the summer. How much is enough? This bill poses a serious burden on the working people of the state of California.

How much longer are Californians going to be comfortable living in Brown’s authoritarian dystopia? Say “no” to a continued one-party rule; flex your civic muscle and resist Brown’s failed leftist legislation.

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    Resist the liberal left!


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