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Dear Editor,

My name is Edward Goode. I want to thank you for the news article about the hours available to visit Sen. Mike Morell’s mobile office for the public to express our concerns in the community. I am a student at Chaparral High School, and I am unable to visit the office to talk about our issues, so I hope you can help me here.

The city of Menifee has shown an alarming rise in the number of homeless people living on the streets; this situation carries other problems, like prostitution, drug dealers, delinquency and health among others, like hepatitis A in the city of San Diego.

I have heard that the homeless are released back into the city by the government institution in charge of relocating these persons. I believe that before doing so the city has to assemble a program that provides shelter, food, general and psychiatric medical services and bathroom access, since that is the problem with the hepatitis A, which already has some fatalities.

More than anything, the city needs more police officers working on the streets. It is urgent to have more security. I have friends whose mailboxes have been forced open and their sensitive information stolen. Many homes have been robbed; vehicles stolen; the community lives in fear.

The city needs to recover its peace.

The city can’t ignore that at this point they are dealing with organized criminals. It is not an isolated case of someone in financial distress.

Dear editor of Valley News, please give my letter to the staff of our state Sen. Mike Morrell, so they can help the city with more police officers and organize some programs for the homeless.

Thank you,

Edward Goode

Temecula, Calif.

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  1. Kenneth Mayes   November 24, 2017 at 8:17 am

    Edward Goode – if you wish to be a part of the Solution you should sign up for the Point in Time Homeless Count coming up on January 23, 2018. You can visit https://www.riversidehomelesscounts.com/ to sign up online.

  2. Cynthia Nemelka   November 24, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    Mr Goode,

    I’ve lived and worked in Menifee pretty much 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the past 12 years. I’ve sold over 250 Menifee home, have leased out over 350 Menifee homes, and have managed as many as 85 homes at any given time in Menifee. I am continually out and about in the City, meeting hundreds of residents a year, so I would definitely say that I have my fingers on the pulse of my city.

    I MUST ABSOLUTELY DISAGREE with some of your assertions.

    “Menifee is showing an alarming number of homeless people.” False. We have some, yes, they are everywhere in So Cal… but we definitely do not have an “alarming” amount.

    Have we had mailboxes broken into? Yes, but so have multiple other cities whose communities have the cluster mailboxes. But I must disagree with your thinking that they are “organized criminals”. Do we need more police presence? Yes, but that is on the way.

    Lastly, your comment that our community lives in fear, is absolutely ridiculous. Menifee is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. In addition to my real estate experience, FIVE of my family members own homes here in different parts of the city of Menifee. Never once has the word “fear” entered our minds, let alone left our mouths, regarding living in Menifee . Our city has received multiple awards due to the quality of living that we offer, and is an AMAZING city to live in!


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