Love conquers all

Within the realm of our busy lives, we tend to get so wrapped up with everything. It’s very easy to forget to notice the beauty in each day when our schedules are so hectic and chaotic. The little things in life that are always right there in front of us get unnoticed. Many of us get taken over by stress and worry. When that happens, our senses become dull to the good things in life.

At that point, all we really need is the power of love to grab a hold of us! With a little kindness and a lot of love, our lives can change drastically for the better. Once we let ourselves open up to receive the kindness others give, we’ll start to heal.

We must keep in mind that there’s always a shining light at the end of the tunnel. As long as we have people in our lives that stand by us no matter what happens, then anything can be accomplished. The challenges that come our way won’t cause overdue stress. With faith and confidence, we’ll always realize that love can conquer all!

Do something special this Valentine’s Day for those you love and cherish. Let the light inside of you shine bright as you celebrate life’s most precious gift of all. The gift you give to each other is kindness and appreciation. The best gifts you can give come from within. It’s the sincerity and loyalty that holds a relationship together like glue.

Show your cherished loved ones how much they mean to you by doing something they like. Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration! Celebrate the gift of life! Each day is a special blessing, all its own. May your Valentine’s Day be fruitful with happy beginnings!

Brenda McBride


One Response to "Love conquers all"

  1. Larry B.   February 10, 2014 at 10:22 am

    1. I’ve learned over time that the light at the end of the tunnel is, generally, a rapidly approaching train.
    2. The concept of "love" is a snare and delusion. In reality, it’s actually a really bad case of indigestion easily cured my some antacid.
    Sorry, Brenda.


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