Metering on-ramps could provide solution to Temecula traffic issues

Dear Editor,

Here is a thought: how about metering the on-ramps like every other city?

I have called Cal Trans about this last year as I sat needlessly in traffic. I was told they are waiting for the large developers to pay for the change in the on-ramps. I was really disappointed by that comment. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that if there are cars getting on the freeway without stopping and just cutting over into faster lanes, then all the other lanes have to slam on brakes, causing all the traffic.

It’s just a thought that has been done all over the U.S.; however, not in Temecula.


Julie Murray

Fallbrook, Calif.

One Response to "Metering on-ramps could provide solution to Temecula traffic issues"

  1. all-c-ing-eye   December 25, 2017 at 1:00 am

    Putting meters in the on ramps will anger every motorist. Imagine sitting on the on ramp and having to deposit quarters every 15 min. until the traffic moves ahead when you can get on. Meters are bad enough when you have to park and go shopping but putting meters on the freeway on ramps even worse.


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