Noted journalist Charles Wiley speaks at the Temecula Valley Republican Women’s Federated

Charles Wiley, conservative globe-trotting journalist appeared in a rare appearance before the Temecula Valley Republican Women’s Federated Tuesday, Nov. 21, at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula.

Wiley, now 91, who has lectured on five continents in almost every state in America as a reporter and lecturer, brought his wit and wisdom to the Republican women and shared his criticism of today’s mass media and its reporters. Even more critical of the media was Wiley’s stated dislike of the current “progressive” Democratic party and liberals who he sees “as the greatest hypocrites in the history of the United States.”

Wiley, in his years as a reporter and correspondent for New York radio station WOR, found himself arrested by the KGB in Russia several times and spent time in a Cuban jail, for objectively reporting the news from those countries. He has written articles and lectures about the increasingly troublesome state of journalism in America.

In a recent UC Berkley lecture Wiley argued, “The news media is the most powerful force in our society. It is more powerful than the president or Congress or anybody else. The news media decides what you think about, what your friends think about, who your friends are, your fellow workers, your fellow students.” He said there are two kinds of journalists, the objective reporter and the advocacy reporter. He said the objective reporter informs the reader of just what happened. The advocacy reporter reports the happenings, some even true, that he or she hopes to influence the reader with. There are too many “advocacy reporters,” in todays’ journalism field, according to Wiley.

In his speech at the TVWRF, he took aim at today’s self-proclaimed millennials who are now in the main workforce. “I like to call them Snowflakes,” Wiley explained. “They must have a safe place where they will hear nothing.” He said you take a position (as a journalist), whatever it is, and tell them they will be on the right side of history they “would vote to put Mao Tse-tung in the Baseball Hall of Fame.”

He added that the “Snowflakes do not to want to hear criticism. They don’t want to hear what the other side wants to say.” Yet, he said at one time he too was like a millennial, but has learned to listen.

He indicated the news media tells them where the “safe place” is and they go there. In short, he sees the advocacy reporters have more influence then the objective reporter in today’s media.

“They just don’t understand history,” he observed looking at the liberal media. “Every flaw in country after country is exaggerated …It is unfair to judge countries or civilizations from the past.” He said in history every country or civilization, before it became a country, including the United States, took somebody’s land by force by killing or driving other people out before it became “their country.”

“That way everybody comes out bad.” He noted the only country that was never taken by other people is Iceland, where when the Vikings discovered it nobody lived there.

He gave an example of how history was distorted by the liberal media in 1973, when the Vietnam War ended. He failed to print about the thousands and thousands of people welcoming home the veterans from the war in a New York City parade and many other welcoming parades across the nation. Instead they reported how flawed the United States was in getting into the war and how wrong our soldiers were to take part in it.

“Ask anybody if they love our veterans,” Wiley said.

He said in the world’s history until 1776 when American was founded, someone always told them their rights. The difference comes in America now where the people themselves decide what rights they should have, not someone telling them what they are. Not in America, he said.

“Nobody on this earth gives us our rights. Our rights come from our Creator, therefore no one has the right to take them away. Do you realize what this concept has done in the world?” he asked.

In conclusion, he suggested Americans need to look optimistically at what America has, and what its people are achieving, and not look at it so pessimistically as the media too often presents it. He said the website might better explain his views.

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