Re: ‘Red light cameras’ [Letter, Valley News, 11/16/12]

Just wanted to drop a line noting that what Steve Staley wrote was spot on! I’m in the military (not a CA resident so I couldn’t vote) and have lived here for 6 years. I have two daughters that drive and drive safer because they fear the red light cameras that were posted between my residence and Vista Murrieta. I think Diana Serafin did nothing but put others in danger. Those cameras made people slow down and think twice before trying to make that yellow light. I too have been a recipient of a camera-enforced light and Steve and I paid our tickets because we knew that we were in the wrong. It’s citizens like Diana Serafin that won’t own up to their own mistakes and would rather place blame on anything and everyone except themselves. Where’s the self accountability these days? I say to Diana; I hope you lose many nights of sleep when the next serious accident at one of those old “red light camera” intersections happens knowing that it probably would’ve or could’ve been prevented because it was doing justice to people that broke the law and keeping people on their toes as they approached camera-enforced intersections. Thanks for nothing, Ms. Serafin.

Rodney D. McLeod


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  1. Brian   December 7, 2012 at 10:01 am

    When are you people going to learn that the way to true freedom is not to impose law after law, hoping that people are locked down to the point where we live in fear everyday of committing some law that we may or may not even know about?

    Red light cameras are a form of entrapment, and are only meant to generate revenue, not keep people safe. The fact is, accidents are going to happen, whether we have cameras or not. Just because you think YOU would speed through a yellow light doesn’t mean everyone else does it. I am a motorcycle rider. I pride myself on riding safely because I have children and I do not want to be without them, or be impaired in any way because of someone who isn’t paying attention to a light when it turns from yellow to red. However, this does not mean I want to have my civil liberties violated in an illusion of being safer.

    I would suggest rather than knee-jerk reactions to things, people should think in terms of chess–a reactionary move is not the way to win the game. Strategy is involved, and if you can’t see that strategy after strategy, our country has gone from a place where we once were truly free, to a place where laws have crept up and have been suffocating American citizens since the 1930’s.

    For freedom and civil liberties, I am proud that our voices were heard when we voted to remove the red light cameras from our wonderful AND SAFE city, Murrieta, California!


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