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Did you know that the State of California Unclaimed Property Office may be holding funds in your name? There are many reasons why a state government office may be holding funds. Address changes are most likely the number one reason for unclaimed property. If a refund check gets returned to the sender the company is not allowed to keep these monies. By law it will be turned over to the state of the last known address. It could be as simple as changing your auto insurance to a different company.

Let’s say there is a refund due and a check was issued. You never received the check and most likely you didn’t know about the refund and there you go, the state may be holding onto these funds in your name! There is a national website,, to search (this is legit), all but 7 states are linked together. California is not linked as they have their own searchable link at CA.GOV. Everyone needs to check for unclaimed property in every state they held addresses in every year.

I’m a Temecula resident that just relocated back from Juneau, Alaska. I was working for the State of Alaska in their unclaimed property office. I was just amazed with the amount that Alaska holds, knowing that California is holding the most funds out of all the state government unclaimed property offices. Spread the word and get this money back in the hands of the rightful owners!

Barbara Taylor


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  1. Kaitlyn Smith   February 1, 2013 at 11:12 am

    I found my Mom $358.00 from stock dividends that she did not know about! Thanks Barbara Taylor for your article!!!!


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