Temecula Valley High School improvements signal future trends

Recently Temecula Valley High School has opened up the doors of its two new building projects. These new buildings aren’t the first new things on campus. Within the last four years, the campus has seen several new installments including a new theater and a new stadium with a track and field.

Overall the campus is becoming a more beautiful place, where high schoolers are trusted with nicer things. The school is becoming a better educational environment that inspires students to set bigger goals and become interested in jobs that they weren’t already. TVHS has become a place where students are not treated as vandals, but they are treated like students who come prepared to learn.

This trend of things becoming nicer is not unique to TVHS. Many places around Temecula are improving as the city continues to grow. Ten years ago, Old Town ice rink wasn’t even thought of yet, and Promenade Temecula was smaller and less developed than it is today.

I am very thankful for the town we live in and the privileges residents get to enjoy because of the quality of their city. Every person seems to do their part to make the city a better place.

Overall, I think Temecula continues to be a beautiful place to live where people treat each other and their surroundings with great respect. I have no complaints to mention, but I am putting this letter out there to see if any readers agree with me. I want to see if the community loves Temecula is as much as I love it.


Michael Welty

Temecula, California

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