The blessings of a mother


There are endless blessings that come to us by being moms. Each blessing we receive is priceless and can’t be measured. Motherhood is a gift in itself, in so many beautiful ways.

Many times in life, the most profound and beautiful blessings are those that are felt from within. Being a good mom holds a huge responsibility. Our role is endless with an abundant amount of things we do to encourage and to provide a good upbringing for our children. 

As mothers, we try our best to give the most we can. Each one of us who are mothers should be respected and held high in regards for who we are. Many times, we feel as though we’re not fully appreciated or acknowledged for all we do. Before we became moms, we had the freedom to do whatever we choose. But we chose to become moms and to put our children’s needs before ours as we give our all to them. The importance of a mother is very much overlooked.

We hold them close to our hearts when they’re babies, and wipe their tears as they grow through the years. The strong, powerful bond that connects a child to their mom can never be broken. A mother feels endless love for her children and most of us moms give unconditionally, without expecting anything back in return. 

The strong emotions we feel are endless. As our children walk through the journey of life we also walk right beside them on a spiritual level, giving them divine guidance and love along the way.

We face all their hurts and disappointments as well as their accomplishments and success. If we truly realize how much we influence our children we’d choose our words more carefully and we’d understand how our words do affect them in a profound way.

We sometimes may not realize that words have power. If we want to have self-assured children that grow up with confidence and high self-esteem, then we need to speak in a positive, uplifting manner. If we provide a positive, encouraging, compassionate home, then the outcome of our parenting skills will be returned to us by having successful, motivated, happy children. 

The joy of motherhood can be the best feeling you’ve ever experienced. Each one of our children is truly a beautiful gift. Being a good mom is also a gift in return, where love is the main ingredient that holds the key to happy, healthy children that grow into happy adults, who are well loved and know how to give back love. That in itself is a blessing.

We hopefully will continue to be there for our children into adulthood and still provide them with compassion, comfort and love along the way. The fruits of motherhood continue on and we always will stay connected to them as we grow old. The connection will never be broken. We leave with them our legacy. Hopefully, it’s a positive one, full of cherished memories. Those lessons we teach our children are valuable, more than we know!

Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day with love and respect for our wonderful moms. She deserves to be shown appreciation and gratitude. Do something special for your mom on Mother’s Day – truly a day to show how much we love our special, beautiful mother.

Cheers to all the wonderful moms!

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