The bullying culture

We live in a world where we teach our children how to protect themselves from bullying. We teach them how to fight back. We teach them how “not to stand out.” We teach them to blend in and not make themselves known. But why? Why are we teaching our children how not be bullied? Shouldn’t we be teaching our children not to bully?

There is an ongoing bullying epidemic in our country. Bullying occurs at the school. This is a place where children and adolescents spend a large amount of their time. Bullying has left the premises of the school and followed the students home. Instances of cyber bullying are on the rise. Social media has taken bullying to different level.

What is being done to combat this issue? Policies and procedures differ among districts. It even differs among schools in the same district. There is also the vastly different definition of bullying across the nation. What does bullying mean? It can be certain just like policies and procedures that it differs among schools. It differs among cities and it differs among states. One student can be expelled for bullying in one school but in another can receive a slap on the wrist.

In the Senate right now there is a bill that has been introduced called the Safe School Improvement Act. This bill is intended to provide clear definition of bullying. It creates a federal definition that will be implemented across the nation. It will make schools across the nation accountable for implementing policies and procedures intended to address this issue. It is time for this country to come together and combat bullying. Let us push to get this bill set into action and start protecting our youth.

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