The value of art education

Art education in the public schools is severely lacking in United States. I feel that we should have a well-rounded education in all subjects, as well as arts, such as fine arts, music, and literature. I feel that children should be exposed to the highest forms of these arts, arty-crafty type art that is taught in the public schools, and the other arts, such as music, and international music, and very high quality of literature. I feel that teachers are not being trained this way, and I also feel that it is at a great loss to students.The reason that Fine Arts should be taught because it’s not enough for students to do only academics. Academics do not teach the inner survival skills or the appreciation of live, or to give us a great sense of beauty, that in times of suffering that we can endure out lives, that there is still something very much and tangible to live for. We can live for beauty when all else fails. I also believe that dance should be taught as well, that children should be taught beauty in how they move their bodies.I believe a program should be created with the school district, where all elements of art can be taught. I believe that fine arts, drawing, painting and art history should be taught. I work presently with autistic and emotionally disturbed children, as a special education aide. One thing I have noticed as well, even with learning disabled and mentally disturbed children, they are very visually gifted. I work a great deal with autistic children with art. Many of these children, I have noticed have a very great sense of color, light, and dark shades. I have done a lot with watercolor with them. I realized how much art could help severely depressed and abused children. I feel that the arts greatly enrich our lives, in a very spiritual way, and prepare many children to come to terms with their pasts, and to give great human strength and dignity to live for the future.

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