Why give illegal immigrants a break?

Where do good Americans go when confronted with President Bush’s plan to reward illegal immigrants with social security? Can we sit by and let the law be diminished or abandoned on this issue or let people who came here illegally have the same rights as people who spent time in line to come here legally?What options do we have? Is there another candidate for President with values closer to our own on this issue? Can we punish those responsible for this illegal immigration nonsense without destroying ourselves in the process? Here are some thoughts:1) Maybe we can start thinking about running candidates for office that come out strong against illegal immigration if our local congress people and other officials are found complicit in this injustice. 2) Maybe we can enforce the laws on employers of those who hire illegal immigrants and send the employers to jail and the employees to their home country. 3) Maybe we can start a business directory for those who employ Americans only. 4) Maybe we can allow illegal immigrants the right to sue their employers for low wages and past social security benefits. Is it time to get tough? You bet ya! We must start coming up with measures to counter wrong-headed ideas that are counter to common sense. Are Americans mad on this issue? Most of us are. Is anyone listening to us up there? I hope so.

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