Lake Elsinore’s McVicker Park holds 2014 Rock the Ramp

The City of Lake Elsinore held their Rock the Ramp event once again this year, opening McVicker Park’s skate area to residents and non-residents alike for BMX riding and skateboarding.

Dozens of children and adolescents showed up at the park from 3 to 7 p.m. on Sunday, March 30 to have a good time riding their bikes, eating pizza and listening to music.

The speakers blared My Chemical Romance’s “Helena” and Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” among a number of other alternative rock songs as people like Marshall Stewart, 16, and Robert Cowans, 17, did jumps and other tricks over the ramps at the park.

The two friends said they go to the park nearly every day because they enjoy the positive atmosphere it provides as well as the opportunity to practice. The day’s event was a great way to enjoy their passion, they said.

“It’s my first event here, so there could be more,” said Cowans, who has been practicing on his BMX bike for more than two years. “But it’s very fun, it’s very social and you get to meet lots of people out here.”

Adolescents weren’t the only individuals who came out to the skate park to have a good time. Parents kicked back and took a sigh of relief as their kids expended their energies on the ramp; Lake Elsinore resident Missy White was one of those parents.

White’s 9-year-old daughter Gabriella was practicing on her bike that afternoon when the event started. White said Gabriella can’t get enough of riding and that’s why she was excited to take her daughter to today’s event.

“She skateboards, she does the scooters, she does the bikes, and she also rides motocross, so she likes anything with wheels,” White said. “She’s been doing this since she was five.”

The supportive parent said both she and Gabriella were excited that music was playing because it gave the event energy and got those in attendance pumped up and excited to ride.

She said that if her daughter continues to show an interest in riding skateboards and bikes, she’ll definitely be back for the event this same time next year.

Gabriella wasn’t the only young rider at the event. Ten-year-old Kaden Stone was wowing his fellow riders at the skate park with his ample knowledge of various BMX tricks and his ability to


Kaden’s father Justin said his son has also been practicing for five years, and that he’s tried to encourage his son to pursue that interest by taking him to the park at least once a week.

“Since we moved out here this is the only park in the area,” said Stone. “So we ride here and then we try to bring him out towards Corona because they have more parks out that way.”

The skate park draws in many people from some of the towns surrounding Lake Elsinore since it is one of the few in the area. That’s one of the big reasons the event is such a draw for some people, according to park employee Justin Harding.

Harding said the event is unusual because the park charges non-residents an entry fee on a daily basis, but admittance was free to everyone that Sunday.

The park employee said he was excited about all aspects of the event, and said he felt his enthusiasm was shared by the parents and kids present as well.

“They’re all really happy about it,” Harding said. “They like it when the city puts on events like this for them, especially when they provide them with free


McVicker Skate Park is located at 29355 Grand Avenue in Lake Elsinore. For more information about the services they provide, contact them at (951) 674-9000.

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