Dog owners learn how to cook canine treats in Sun City Library program

Humans wolfed down dog treats and declared them delicious at a program held at the Sun City Library on July 31. Dog owners learned how to cook healthy food for their dogs as well as themselves during the program, which was presented by Temecula chef Marcy Vaughan.

About 15 library patrons and one dog attended. The dog, Angel, willingly agreed to serve as a canine taste tester. Sun City residents Tom and Nia Earp brought Angel, who’s a silky terrier service dog and belongs to the Earp’s friends Leo and Trish Fino. The Earps consider themselves to be Angel’s “auntie and uncle” and were pet sitting her that morning.

Vaughan, owner of the meal service business Dia’s Delicious Dishes, created two recipes for the program that she described as being quick and easy to make.

The first recipe she shared was Best Friend Frozen Yogurt Treats. “I picked this because it’s a fun thing to make for your dog,” she said. “It makes a frozen treat for your dog that you can eat also.”

Vaughan, who’s known as “Dia” to her grandchildren, put some peanut butter into a large glass measuring cup and melted it in a microwave in the library’s Community Room. She cautioned to start with one minute on the microwave to melt the peanut butter.

“Always start out with a minute, the shortest time on the microwave. You know your microwave better than I do,” she said. “You just want it (peanut butter) to be soft and pliable to blend with the yogurt.”

After the peanut butter melted in 30 seconds, she blended vanilla yogurt into it. Then she poured small amounts into mini-cupcake papers on a tray. “Look how easy they are,” Vaughan commented. “What, it took about two minutes to do.” Adult Services Librarian Shirley Wible took the tray to place in a freezer in another room so the treats could chill and set.

Vaughan’s second original recipe was a breakfast scramble that she titled Breakfast with the Pup. She said it’s great for using up leftover sausage or rice. She chopped up a box of breakfast sausage into “tiny, thin, little pieces” and mixed it with rice in an oiled casserole dish. Next she added beaten eggs and cooked it in the microwave until the eggs were set. Then she topped it with cheddar cheese. She carried the scramble to the audience and let them pass it down to serve themselves a sample. Wimble brought the frozen treats back to the room and they were also passed around to taste.

Everyone, including Angel, thought the recipes were delicious and one woman commented that the frozen treats tasted like a Snickers candy bar. Nia Earp said Angel had two servings of the scramble and loved it. In fact, she licked her plate clean. Vaughan provided copies of the recipes to the audience.

Menifee resident Jeanne Depue has two dogs and rated the scramble as excellent. She plans on making the frozen treats because they’re so easy. “I’ll make some for myself, too,” she said, laughing.

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  1. Nina Earp   August 10, 2014 at 8:28 pm

    Angel is a delight for Tom and me. We notice people enjoy being around her. Angel also comes with us to the Sun City Library when we play Scrabble/Upwords and participate at Reader’s Theater. This Thursday, August 14, we will include Angel in our personal church photo as our Good Shepherd Mascot.


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