Kitten rescued from drain pipe adopted

RIVERSIDE – Last week, a kitten was found stuck inside of a discarded drain pipe and was brought to the attention of Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter by a Good Samaritan where he was treated immediately.

Seeing as there was no way possible to get him out of the pipe, veterinarians from the animal shelter sedated the kitten and had firefighters from CAL fire station No. 16 use the Jaws of Life to cut the pipe in order to retrieve the kitten.

The kitten’s health was restored and was available for adoption a few days later.

Rene Magallon was the adopter of the kitten and was more than happy to take her new family member home.

For more information on Riverside County/City Animal Shelter, go to and search for “Riverside County Animal Services.”

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  1. annoyomous   January 6, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    this story infuriates me… over thanksgiving i found a cat stuck in a rain drain, called every agency known to man to try to get the cat out and nobody would help.. in fact animal control said theyd get the cat out the next day because they had to call the city to access the area… our family left on a trip for the holiday and when we returned to the location the following week, the cat was still there!!! animal control blamed the city, the fire department stated it wasnt their job to get the cat out of the drain, and public works just never showed up…so another parent and I took the man hole cover off with our own tools and climbed into the drain and rescued the cat ourselves.. who picks and chooses what and when an animal will be rescued!!!


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