Pet salon that utilizes holistic methods opens to the public

The Temecula Pet Salon opened its doors to the public on Wednesday, June 18 and owner Stephanie Wilson stood outside ready to greet people bringing their pets in for a scrub and cut.

The salon aims to stand out against its competition by employing a staff of dedicated and highly skilled individuals while also utilizing methods proven to sooth and relax anxious dogs – all without the matching price tag of a high-end dog groomer, according to Wilson.

Wilson, who has owned a pet salon in Dana Point, California, said she was motivated to start a dog grooming salon in Temecula because of her love for animals.

She wanted to be a veterinarian at a point in her life but had difficulty dealing with the prospect of euthanizing animals as well as some of the other trauma associated with being a vet.

So she said she did the next best thing, which was to open a dog salon where she could give animals care and individualized attention while making them clean and


She set up the salon with that purpose in mind, giving cage-shy dogs a pen area where they can roam freely and associate with one another. She said she did this to lower incidences of biting, as some dogs tend to get hostile when put in cages.

The pet salon owner added that minor adjustments such as the pen are common throughout the salon, as the treatment of stressed out dogs and dogs with conditions are areas she specializes in.

“I handle the biters, the guide dogs, the dogs that have seizures or medical conditions,” she said.

She said she uses holistic approaches to treat the dogs that are not necessarily common at other pet grooming locations. She uses certain products like lavender, chamomile, sage and tea tree oil with baths because they not only sooth and comfort the dogs, but also leave them smelling great.

Wilson added that no dog is too young or too old to receive a luxury treatment at her salon and that’s something that is perhaps evidenced by salon’s tubs, which are walk-in; the dogs don’t have to clamber or climb to get inside them because they have a door that unlatches for easy entry.

Additionally, Wilson said some of the washing techniques utilized at the salon are perfect for older and arthritic dogs. Jet propulsion and warm water of a bath is perfect for soothing aching muscles and bones which often plague older canines. She added that the hydro-surge massage system inside the baths leaves dogs cleaner than they might otherwise be with traditional forms of washing.

She said the jets of water separate a dog’s hair follicles, allowing shampoo to penetrate their skin and leave them with a deep, all-over kind of clean.

Wilson said she is glad to be joined by a staff of talented dog groomers, one of whom is Carol Rosier. Rosier is best known for her work as a dog groomer at the Laundered Mutt in Temecula.

The dog salon owner said she’s excited for the future and excited for the prospect of growth.

“I want this to be Temecula’s premier grooming shop,” she said. “I want this to be the place where people love bringing their pets to.”

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