San Diego woman creates My Pillow Pets

Jennifer Telfer, a San Diego designer, set out to transform a traditional stuffed animal into a functional item. She created My Pillow Pets.

These items can be found all over the southwest and northern San Diego counties.

The Promenade Temecula has a kiosk that is just for My Pillow Pets. Other stores that carry them are CVS Pharmacy Drug Store, Walgreens, Hallmark, and other gift and toy stores.

Tefler was tired of plush toys that did nothing. She designed soft, plush toys that folded out into a pillow.

The line has now expanded to include backpacks, and neck pillows.

“The Pillow Pets are quickly becoming the hot toy of the year,” said Telfer, who also owns the company. “It has become the go-to birthday gift and also a collector’s item with people buying two to three pets at a time.”

Does anyone need to buy their daughter or granddaughter a Valentine’s Day gift?

My Pillow Pets have red cats and dogs for the upcoming holiday. Other animals include an elephant, dolphin, giraffe, horse, and pig.

Tori Spelling, who was on a 2007 reality television show that was shot in Fallbrook, helped debut the My Pillow Pets at a recent Ronald McDonald House event.

Tefler has seen other celebrity mothers including Victoria Beckham, a former Spice Girl, stocking up on the cuddly companions.

My Pillow Pets have found their way into the arms of actresses Denise Richards, Brooke Shields, and Jenny Garth’s children.

They were made to be snuggly plush companions that are also a comfortable pillow for bed, television, or travel time.

These furry creatures are made from a soft chenille fabric. There are more than 20 styles of My Pillow Pets available.

When Telfer designed the animals, she tried to give them each distinctive features that she says speak to their personality and makes them huggable for children. Even some adults like to own them.

My Pillow Pets are the original brand of stuffed animals that are also pillows. There are knock-offs out there that may not compare.

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