Villa Chardonnay rescues mares from death, welcomes new colt

TEMECULA – Villa Chardonnay Equine Sanctuary, one of California’s largest and most reputable equine sanctuaries, has two new permanent residents. In total, 13 pregnant mares were brought to the feed lot in Fallon, Nevada, by a local breeder.

All 13 mares and their pending foals have been rescued from death in Canadian slaughter houses. Thousands of unwanted horses go through the Fallon feed lots each year with the majority of them going to be slaughtered in Canada. When Villa Chardonnay was made aware of the urgent situation with the pregnant mares they immediately went into action to save them.

Villa Chardonnay Equine Sanctuary has taken full responsibility for two among the most unwanted mares. They are in an unusual situation with special needs. These two mares are a mother and daughter that have never lived apart, according to their paperwork.

Villa Chardonnay is committed to providing them a permanent home for the rest of their days allowing them to stay together. Upon arrival, they suffered from malnutrition and severe depression.

“It is important that they stay together, for the health of the mares and their foals. This mother and daughter have been together all their lives and we want to keep it that way. We are trying to minimize additional stress. They were emotionally devastated when they arrived, living in their own little world,” said Monika Kerber, president and co-founder of Villa Chardonnay. “They were more depressed than any other horses we have taken in, heads held very low and wanted no interaction with people. We have worked with them diligently to gain their trust and regain their interest in living.”

The mares have been renamed to Madame and Mademoiselle. Madame is 26 and very old to go through the difficulties of having a foal. Veterinarian Dr. Tad Bender has checked both pregnant mares and is concerned by the advanced age of Madame but is hoping for the best.

Mademoiselle has just delivered a colt by the name of Gallant Duke II. The healthy, young colt was named in honor of a longtime resident at Villa Chardonnay – Duke, a 28-year-old warm blood, who passed away on the same day the new foal was born.

Villa Chardonnay Equine Sanctuary focuses on providing a permanent home to slaughter-bound, elderly, neglected, and abused horses that are not able to be ridden or adopted. Each year over 100,000 horses are abandoned in the United States. In business for over 10 years, saving hundreds of lives, the sanctuary is considered their last chance for survival.

Villa Chardonnay has steadily and responsibly grown year after year and has become one of the largest equine sanctuaries in California. The mostly privately funded non-profit is reaching out to the community for support in order to care for Madame, Mademoiselle and now the young colt, Gallant.

To help the horses send a tax deductible donation directly to Villa Chardonnay at 42200 Calle Barbona, Temecula, CA 92592. Villa Chardonnay is a 501c3 non-profit corporation. Feed donations for the animals can be made directly to Round-Up Feed in Wildomar at (951) 674-5154. For more information, visit

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