Villa Chardonnay seeks support for Annie

TEMECULA – Annie is an 18-year-old Arabian mare suffering from Cushing’s disease and cancer. She arrived at Villa Chardonnay equine sanctuary a little over a year ago. Her previous owner was in her 30s and unexpectedly died of cancer. Abandoned by the rest of her family, Annie spent the next months alone in her backyard surviving on little food and drinking rain water. When finally discovered by neighbors, Annie was very thin and was brought directly to Villa Chardonnay where she has gained weight and has been diagnosed with two illnesses. Her cancer is not currently life threatening and she is being treated for both her cancer and Cushing’s disease.

Cushing’s symptoms include body sweating, curly long hair, excessive thirst, laminitis, and tendon problems. Often the horse wants to lay down to relieve the discomfort in their hooves, which can lead to other problems. In addition to special shoes and farrier needs, a horse with Cushing’s will need costly monthly medication and a special diet to assist with recovery. Bambi, a 20-year-old pony is also suffering from Cushing’s and funds raised for the Medical Reserve will assist in her long term care.

As an equine sanctuary, Villa Chardonnay often takes in older horses, many with medical problems. Villa Chardonnay is their last chance.

“We treat horses with arthritis, tendonitis, infections and other overall health issues. Little Blackie, a 30-year-old, is still going strong and on arthritis medication while Nitro Active, a 7-year-old, is on permanent medication for tendonitis.

“Our medical reserves are running low and we are appealing to the community at large to help these loving horses survive and continue their treatments,” said Monika Kerber, president of Villa Chardonnay.

Villa Chardonnay has reached out to the equine community for help and is honored that Dr. Eric Alliot will be visiting Villa Chardonnay Sanctuary at the end of November. As a world renowned expert in hoof care, Dr. Alliot will be visiting from France with his HoofProcess iR3D Ortho-Graphy 3D imagery infrared camera to assist in the care of the horses at Villa Chardonnay.

Euro Forge will be presenting this major technological advancement in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego the last week of November.

“We are asking all animal lovers to extend a hand, send a tax deductible donation to help care for Annie and Bambi,” said Louise Gardner, CFO at Villa Chardonnay.

Kerber and Gardner have been rescuing horses for eight years and started with a palomino named Chardonnay, hence the name of the sanctuary.

Many equine rescues have gone under in the past two years. Villa Chardonnay, as a long-term sanctuary, continues to take in un-adoptable horses from other equine rescues that can no longer care for them and cannot adopt out the horses. Villa Chardonnay is their last hope.

Visitors are welcome to come and visit Annie and Bambi. Call (951) 526-6600 for an appointment. To learn more about Annie, visit

To donate, checks can be made out to Villa Chardonnay Horses With Wings, Inc. and sent to 42200 Calle Barbona, Temecula, CA 92592.

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