Front Street Plaza blends modern architecture with rustic features for signature Old Town look

Old Town’s newest residential structure, Front Street Plaza, is on its way to completion with move-in for various individuals and businesses slated for April of this year.

The development marks the first time that the City of Temecula has brought in a mixed use project. In addition to moderate-income and low-income housing options, the 38,000 square foot facility will feature restaurants and business suites on some of its other floors, according to Property Manager Lauren Correia.

Correia said that nearly every component of the mixed use apartment building was built in consideration of a younger generation of individuals from its modern use of space to its unique concept for executive suites.

“We’re going to be incorporating executive suites and we’re going to be looking at the urban industrial design concept to keep up with the times and the young business entrepreneurs,” she said.

Hunter Jones, developer of the project, said that these new suites will be different than those one might come across in Temecula’s business park area or other locations throughout the city because of their unique approach to space.

The relatively small suites, located back-to-back from one another, will contain separate businesses but all those businesses will share a common meeting room that can be rented for particular times.

So when a particular business executive needs to meet with a client, Jones said all they need to do is look to see what time slots are available for the adjacent meeting room and schedule for one of those times.

The developer said that the office suites embrace a changing world for a few key reasons.

“It was more of a decision on our part to offer the executive business suites (to the city) because we know that’s a growing trend,” he said. “The standard office is something of the past; a lot of people are on the go and they’re commuting, so they don’t need as much office space as they did in years past.”

In addition to the unique approach to office space, the business will have a couple different restaurants.

One of those restaurants, Luke’s, will take up the entire fourth floor of the facility and will specialize in healthier fare such as seafood and similar items. Outside of the restaurant, fourth floor balconies will provide a view of the entire main street drag and all its shops. The patio will also function as an outside dining area, with barstools and tables.

Pedestrians new to the Old Town area might have difficulty telling that the building is new in spite of all its new features and modern touches because of its exterior. The building’s brick façade and stamped stucco sides give it the appearance of a building from another period of time, much like many of the other shops and businesses Old Town has to offer.

The building’s rustic look was one of the requirements those behind the project had set down to them from the city, according to Correia.

“(The Temecula City Council) has their plan for how they want the city to look,” she said. “So basically the architect kind of builds a design and it’s brought to the city and it gets approved. And they have a whole committee that decides if they like the look.”

Correia said that the city was pretty reasonable in their assessment of the new buildings because they were willing to opt for a design in which the building fit in with the surrounding architecture but also retained unique characteristics, such as its Mediterranean-style sides with stucco stamping and various blue and green tile designs.

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  1. Mark Cooper   January 24, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    That is one beautiful building. Old Town Temecula has come a long way in a short time.


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