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Paisley Trent

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In a galaxy far, far away or Temecula’s Edwards Cinema Dec. 15, Realtor James Shelby created a night for the Realty One Group Southwest clientele. This private screening of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” was to show appreciation for all those that have bought or assisted in the purchasing of houses throughout the past year.

Providing free concessions, instant photographs in front of a Rogue One poster and Shelby Sold mugs, it was ensured those viewing were feeling treated to a special experience. After mingling and talking to the hosts, past and current clients all made their way to a reserved theatre, excited to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The atmosphere in the private theatre was comfortable and that of a community. Before the showing, James Shelby gave a brief speech showing appreciation for everyone in attendance and personally thanking his transaction coordinator and escrow officer as well as his family for supporting his work schedule and business.

In an earlier interview, Shelby stated that a movie screening provided an escape from the typical awkwardness of a get-together or party with strangers. This evening certainly proved that, with multiple families coming to spend time with each other as they collectively enjoyed the newest film in an iconic movie series. This event allowed all the clients to feel appreciated as the Realty One Group Southwest showed its gratitude, and gave an opportunity for the bonding of those mutually looking forward to the film.

Shelby is part of the Realty One Group Southwest, and can be most easily contacted on his Instagram @james_shelby.

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