Top tips to improve your home’s curb appeal

RIVERSIDE COUNTY – It’s called “curb appeal,” that good impression people get of your home when they pull up in a car, or when walking by. Real estate agents can be as pleased with exterior curb appeal as they are with a well-maintained house on the inside. When it comes to residential property value, this book is indeed judged by its cover.

Exterior trouble areas include peeling paint; rotting wood on window frames; buckled roof shingles; overgrown shrubs; ignored lawns; and weeds growing through interlock paths, steps and the driveway.

“The lawns and landscaping that frame our home are as important as the quality inside,” says Reinie Drygala, lawncare products manager for Clear Choice. “When it comes to first impressions just a few little tips and tricks can make a big difference quickly.

Try these quick tricks to give your home instant curb appeal:

• Scrape and spot-paint problem areas. This might be a temporary fix, but even a touch up is better than peeling paint.

• Add colour by planting some annuals in the front yard flowerbeds.

• Replace or paint rusty fixtures like the mailbox, railings, house number, and more.

• Tackle pesky weeds on interlock paths and driveway. Use hand sprays for targeted jobs, or larger jugs for a big surface area.

• Install lighting along your walkways and steps, or to spotlight the shape and architecture.

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