Are you a serious seller? – Part 1 of 2

If you are looking to sell your Temecula/Murrieta home this year, chances are it will sell between now and August when over 60 percent of all homes sell every year in our market. The buyers are out there, looking for that great home that they can buy for a great price.

The issue between buyers and sellers is the price. The former wants to buy at below market price while the latter is looking to capitalize and sell for over fair market value. Buyers feel justified in submitting low-ball offers when homes are not prepared to sell which is why sellers must put in the time and effort to prepare their home for market to wow this year’s crop of buyers who will pay over list price if the house tells them to.

Here are six of 10 simple solutions (look for the remaining ones next week) for having your house talk positively to the buyers who preview your home:

1. De-personalize. The wall of family photos – gone. The pictures of the kids in the family room – gone. The religious artifacts and artwork with Bible or other verses – gone.

That’s right. Your home has to be generic. No one wants to feel like they are stepping into another family’s life, rather, they want to start their own here. Sorry to say but every photo in the house that has a person in it should be packed up and gotten ready for their new home. The same goes for anything religious or ethnical. You don’t know who will be coming through or what their values or prejudices are.

2. Flaunt the positive. What was the one feature that made you fall in love with your home when you bought it? Maybe it’s a home improvement either inside or outside that gives it its personality. Figure it out and figure out how to accentuate it and show it off. The objective is to get the buyers to linger in that magical spot and let it do its work.

3. Neutralize. Similar to de-personalizing a home, neutralizing is the process that removes any evidence of any political thoughts. Scrape decals off of windows that express any type of opinion. Remove magazines and books from sight that express any type of opinion. The same goes for any sort of artifact or d

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