Are you a serious seller? – Part 2 of 2

Last week we shared six of our top 10 simple solutions for the serious seller. If you are looking to sell your Temecula/Murrieta home this year, chances are it will sell between now and August when over 60 percent of all homes sell every year in our market. Buyers are out there looking for that great home at a great price.

The issue between buyers and sellers is the price. The former wants to buy at below market value while the latter is looking to capitalize and sell for over fair market value.

To summarize last week, solutions 1-6 consisted of:

1. De-personalize – you want the buyer to envision their stuff there.

2. Flaunt the positive – highlight what sold you.

3. Neutralize – it’s about the buyer not you.

4. Start packing – you want the buyer to see the home not your stuff.

5. Silence is golden – turn of all TVs, radios.

6. Smells good – sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses.

7. Pet proof. It’s hard for a home to smell good with animals roaming about. If you don’t think your home smells of your loved creatures, you’re kidding yourself. For confirmation ask a trusted friend who will be honest with you – better yet, ask your REALTOR®.

It’s not only the odors your pets generate; it’s also the hair they leave behind and their toys on the floor. Many people are allergic to one type of animal or another. Perhaps the worst aspect of having pets on the property is that many people will not be comfortable with an animal wandering about on their own.

8. Set the tone. The striking candy-apple red wall you have in your family room has been your pride of d

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