The final step in the home buying process – Four critical steps not to be overlooked

It seems like a lifetime ago when you first started looking at the real estate websites, saying to yourself, “I want to buy my own home. There is no point in paying my landlord’s mortgage. I want one of my own!”

Months of looking online passed before you took the advice you found to get pre-qualified for a home loan, jumping through one burning hoop of fire after another until finally you were approved. Then came the daunting task of finding the right home in the right neighborhood.

You may have worked with several REALTORS® until you found the one who “gets you” and truly has your best interests at heart. But you still had a long way to go in not only finding the right home at a price in your own mind, but you had to compete with the cash investors and other buyers until finally your offer was accepted and you opened escrow.

Then came all the inspections, the worrying about the appraisal, and all of the other details that unfolded over the last four to six weeks, and now, finally, you are mere days from getting the keys and moving in. You feel it, life is about to change, all for the good. But wait

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