CALIFORNIA: Pain at the Pump – a message from State Senator Joel Anderson, 38th District


You may have recently heard about SB 350, the bill that will make it harder and more expensive to drive your own car by reducing the gasoline available to drivers by 50%.

The majority party is, at the same time,  pushing for a 12 cents per gallon increase in the gas tax we all pay at the pump to backfill the money they have diverted from infrastructure projects.

Other tax increases they have proposed include a 22 cent per gallon increase on diesel fuel, a $35 increase in vehicle registration fees, a $100 zero emission vehicle fee, and a $35 dollar per vehicle annual road usage charge.

These taxes will be devastating to individuals and families who are already on a tight budget, and punish rural Californians who have to drive farther to get to work or their kids to school.

The double whammy of reducing available fuel and increasing taxes will veer California’s economy off the road.

I am fighting hard in Sacramento against these increased taxes and regulations that only punish hardworking Californians who are trying to earn a living and take their kids to school.

I need your help. The majority party has designed these tax increases to skirt Proposition 13 so they won’t need to be approved by voters.

We have to get the message to them that the taxpayers do not support these tax increases. Don’t let them tax you without hearing from you.

You can sign the online petition here, and please forward this email to your friends and neighbors and ask them to sign the petition so I can personally deliver their message to my colleagues.


Joel Anderson
CA State Senator

For more information, visit:

2 Responses to "CALIFORNIA: Pain at the Pump – a message from State Senator Joel Anderson, 38th District"

  1. David   August 27, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    Seems like this will most likely punish what’s left of the middle class.

  2. Jackbrahms Barth   August 27, 2015 at 4:40 pm

    There is no free ride


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