CALIMESA: Man charged with murder after shooting

BANNING – A 61-year-old man accused of shooting a woman in a Calimesa mobile home park was charged today with murder.

Rex Carl Edwards of Calimesa was arrested at the scene of the Saturday night shooting in the Big Oak Gardens Mobile Home Park at 35080 Chandler Ave.

He’s being held without bail at the Smith Correctional Facility in Banning and is scheduled to make his initial court appearance this afternoon at the Banning Justice Center.

Edwards allegedly shot the victim, whose name is slated to be released later today by coroner’s officials, after they got into an argument about 11 p.m. Saturday outside a mobile home, according to Riverside County sheriff’s Sgt. Wally Clear.

Witnesses called 911 immediately after shots were fired, and deputies arrived moments later, at which point they discovered the woman dead of multiple gunshot wounds on a roadway inside the park, Clear said. He said Edwards was taken into custody without incident.

The relationship between the victim and defendant, if any, was not disclosed, nor were any further details regarding the circumstances behind the shooting.

Edwards has no prior documented felony convictions.

2 Responses to "CALIMESA: Man charged with murder after shooting"

  1. TERRY   August 29, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    get your story right the 61 year old lives next to Susan Perez the victim ..his mommy was pilfering money from the owner of the trailer Susan lived at she was an employee home care giver she told me 2 years ago hes 85 and retired fireman or fire capt. the old lady next door has been taking money from him she hates me park over here away from her at all she is big trouble …she knew of her son but did never really see or hear from him .i was there just a month ago for 2 min Susan wasn’t there i came out to get in my car there was two people old lady and old man i thought was her husband now from news photo was her son yelling screaming at me threatened to have her son come down and kill my f****** a** word for word due to chuck the owner Susan’s boss and her i said i’m so sorry several times because where i parked not blocking traffic was no traffic any ways i have a handicap placard can park there if i wanted any way but i was nice cordial said sorry several times didn’t matter still screaming as i drove away never thought he was a killer my god and no argument took place get it right her boyfriend a good friend of mine said week before Susan and him was in the trailer packing her things Rex came invasion type and didn’t know her boyfriend was there started swinging her boyfriend beat his a** called police he refused o press charges just wanted Susan to come live with him now forward about 5 days Saturday night at 11 pm they came to get rest of Susan belongings got out of the car walked to trailer all sudden pow in back of the head hit the ground then pow pow pow pow pow Rex walked across road way like 30 feet gun in hand waited for police while her boyfriend holding her dead body she was not murdered shew was executed i believe the pilfering was catching up by the old man’s kids legal help she told me about now mike her boyfriend tells me has a witness seeing both of them coming out of chicks trailer then Susan comes there to find old man her boss of 9 years dead on thee couch he said checks missing now he tells me the money is drained from his bank acct and the acts are closed i have witness name and space number the old lady as far as i am concerned is the killer told her son do as your told attitude sick bastards in a trailer mommy and son all there lives made him kill her Susan always warned me about her and she is was not the type to bring up any negative history don’t like to hear it nothing but brought this old hag up 15 times at least in the two years i used to visit her she was my daughter in laws mother 55 years old i believe she was my age and maybe 56 but her birthday was yesterday before sorry i called detective working the case but was told before not to call him can harm a case my brother is a retired police captain said you cannot hurt a case what is his name and number ill call him tell him to listen to what you have to say i have a message into him as we speak so the argument was week before when he pulled a home invasion attack no argument that sat night he laid in wait premeditated murder execution .no wonder everyone says don’t believe the media she needs her trailer searched top to bottom and taken in and interrogated and have the bank audited i have banks name and address everyone’s afraid to report this i am not ans wont rest till something done and might already know all of this i don’t know i was told by her boyfriend police don’t know he himself is a god da****d wreck i get this call from him at midnight said Susan’s dead i got in a fight last week he came back with a gun shot her in the head i didn’t know was neighbor or my ass would of went there he said someone needs to go get Chrissy her daughter 5 min later she drives up are you kidding me i am supposed to tell her her moms been murdered in front of her home by the maniac old hags son .now shes a wreck her brothers in jail because he called police asked them please take me in i don’t want a murder charge hes still in there because old warrant for probation violation cant even go to the funeral whats wrong with this world not country cause worse else where but the world is there some chemical in there brains that off or too much sick bastard deserves to die and his mommy old hag needs to go to prison for accessory to murder and grand theft elder abuse and all .

    • Kim Harris   August 31, 2017 at 9:26 am

      your comment has been edited for profanity – KH


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